The 8 books I brought back from London

Hooray for bookstores!! I love them. Who doesn’t love them!?

Living in Barcelona we do not have too many English bookstores, there are a few and many of the bookstores here do have a small section of English books, but sometimes the selection is limited. I, of course, can order plenty of books through my Kindle, but having a book in hand and on your nightstand is something else entirely.

And just the act of cruising a giant bookstore like Foyle’s in London or stepping into a small independent bookstore like the Bakewell Book Shop in Peaks District was a special treat. When you live in another language, it’s the little things like an English bookstore that can get you pretty excited.

So while I wanted to bring home way more than just eight books, I had to stop myself because books take up suitcase space and I was quickly reaching the maximum weight limit. This list might give you a little insight into my current state of mind…they’re almost all books for creative people. I usually go for business, marketing, entrepreneurship, self-help type stuff, so these sort of fall in line with some of that, but with more of a creative focus.

The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron
I read this book several times back when I was in my twenty’s and it was sort of my creative Bible. It was first published in 1993 and I saw or read somewhere that this book was having a bit of a comeback because well, all of our faces are stuck looking at a screen and some of us need to get back to finding our creative selves (offline!). I so feel this.  So when I saw this on the table highlighted at Foyle’s Bookstore I grabbed it and did not let it go. I need this in my life again, 100%. 

Change Your Mind, Rod Judkins
A small book with nuggets of wisdom and simple but powerful ideas and thoughts to kick you in the ass and get your mind straight. 

Don’t Read This Book, (Time Management for Creative People) Donald Roos
I’m definitely a girl who can get shit done, but procrastination and focus can be challenging sometimes. Love the title and looks like an easy read with some actionable ideas for no bullshit time management.

The WAR of ART, Steven Pressfield
I am a creative person at war with myself all the time. Perhaps this book will help me win the war.

Fashionpedia, Fashionary
My interest in fashion design is coming back. It’s always been there, but recently it’s been peeking my interest again.

How to Read Pattern, Clive Edwards
This was at a discount bookshop for only 5 bucks! It’s a great little resource for patterns, fabric and textiles that includes definitions, origin of fabrics, and the history along with visuals.

The Taste of Blue Light, Lydia Ruffles
It’s very hard for me to sit down and read fiction, my mind does not want to escape for that long usually, but I force myself to read them and this book was so good that I finished it while still in London. This book might fall into the YA (young adult) category, but don’t let that deter you, the story is great and the writing is really good. The main character is in college at an art school, which sort of ties it into this list;)

Pattern, Orla Kiely
I went to the Fashion & Textile Museum in London and saw the Orla Keily exhibit. The exhibit was wonderful and I learned a lot more about this successful designer. I love color and pattern and textiles so I wanted to take the book home. It’s such a source of inspiration.

A few books I saved for the Kindle or to order on Amazon, if I need to have the hard copy 🙂
The Lonely City, Olivia Laing
Alone Time, Stephanie Rosenbloom 
Brand Brilliance, Fiona Humberstone


Got any book suggestions for me!?

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