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A website for anyone who loves to travel and is up for adventure! Three years ago we moved from Los Angeles to Costa Rica and are now living in Barcelona, Spain!

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Welcome to our family travel blog. Thanks for visiting! Here is a little bit about each of us.



Harris is hell-bent on living every day to its fullest and inspiring others to do the same.

He’s been making a living with online businesses since 1994 and an internet entrepreneur since 1998. (Geez, I think that means he’s getting OLD!) His latest business shenanigans, TrafficFor.me, is simple. T4M helps Info Marketers increase their income by selling them highly targeted traffic to their web businesses.

LIKES:  Harris loves experiencing as many new things as he possibly can from anywhere in the world that’s got an internet connection. His passions are: his family, traveling the world, and any activity that requires him to put a board under his feet, harness on his body, or helmet on his sexy shaved head.

DISLIKES:  Harris says he doesn’t have any dislikes – but you should see him cry like a baby when Andrea asks him to do the dishes.

You can find him on Facebook or LinkedIn (but he’s most likely to talk to you on FB).



Andrea is a fashionista at heart but at her core she is an adventure-seeking junkie. Andrea has been overheard saying “I’ll do anything that requires a helmet and a signed waiver.” She has climbed an ice tower, bungee jumped, skydived, zip-lined, para-glided, para-sailed, trapezed and swam naked in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion (which was probably the most frightening of all). She is a “HELL YES” type of gal and won’t stop until she sees and experiences the entire world.

She is the owner and editor-in-chief of SavvySassyMoms.com. Andrea started Savvy Sassy Moms  in 2009 and has taken it from an awesome mom blog – to a highly influential online style magazine for Moms,She also contributes to the BabyCenter Blog. Co-Founder of the ROAR Retreat and loves helping brands with social media campaigns and online strategy.

LIKES: Fashion, travel, social media, wine, creativity, working up a sweat and listening to smart people talk.

DISLIKES: Cooking, negativity and horror movies.

Andrea Fellman is a social media animal who takes her updates very seriously.



McKenna is 9 going on 29.  She is extremely smart, sweet and just a little bit sassy. McKenna likes to think things through, save her money and is very particular about what she spends it on. She is great at math and makes friends very easily. She loves watching The Amazing Race, Cupcake Wars and Shark Tank. We definitely have an future entrepreneur on our hands, if not a mini mogul. McKenna aspires to take over Savvy Sassy Moms one day and I quote… “Mom, can I have Savvy Sassy Moms when you die?”

LIKES:  The Beach, Swimming, Pasta, Climbing trees, Art, Friends, Math, Relaxing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and Blue Jean Frogs.

DISLIKES: Costa Rican Cheese, Snakes, Long Car Rides, Bugs, Heights.



Hudson is literally the happiest kid on the planet.  He sees the positive in everything! He likes to talk… a lot, and he also likes to conjure up “What if” scenarios that would never possibly happen. There’s a ton of imagination in that little head of his.  He’s also very sensitive, caring, and will always share with others. Hudson is a giver, not a taker. He will try just about anything but really isn’t into team sports, he just doesn’t want anyone chasing or tackling him. We like to call him Huds-Man.

LIKES: Minecraft, Blockheads, Roblox, Chicken Fingers, Pizza, The Beach, Our Dogs, Zip Lining, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Snowboarding.

DISLIKES: Animals that might attack him.