Welcome to Wanderlust Living. I started this website when we moved from Los Angeles, California to Costa Rica in 2013. You may have even seen us on House Hunters International (twice!) We lived in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica for three years before moving to Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2016. We have always loved traveling with our kids since they were babies and living abroad was always a dream of ours, and well –  it’s not a dream, it’s just our life!

When we decided to move abroad the thought of being totally nomadic (hopping from place to place) was not appealing to us. We love our kids but there was no way we were homeschooling, so we opted to move somewhere for a year or two, put our kids in school and then be able to travel out from there.

We like this option for many reasons.

1. We get to know a place really well and make friends and connections with locals and other expats.
2. We need our kids to be enrolled in school so we can work!
3. There is built in community when you belong to a school. The kids have friends and lots of school activities to engage in.
4. We meet other families that are just like us! They want to experience other cultures, travel and show their kids the world too. Many of these people are entrepreneurial as well.
5. It gives us a feeling of home, we like to have a home base.

Our plan was to stay in Barcelona for two or three years and travel through Europe every chance we got. We really couldn’t think too much past that, until last year when our family decided that Barcelona is now home

If you would like to ask us any questions about our lifestyle and moving abroad or moving to Costa Rica or Barcelona,  please email us!I I now get emails about moving to Barcelona A LOT, so if moving to Barcelona is a dream of yours you should start with this post!

Andrea & Harris

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Andrea is a stylish nomad and adventure-seeking junkie. Andrea has been overheard saying “I’ll do anything that requires a helmet and a signed waiver.” She has climbed an ice tower, bungee jumped, skydived, zip-lined, para-glided, para-sailed, trapezed and swam naked in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion (which was probably the most frightening of all). She is a “hell yes” type of gal and won’t stop until she sees and experiences the entire world.

Andrea was the original creator, founder and owner of SavvySassyMoms.com until March 2016 when she SOLD IT. She created Savvy Sassy Moms from her laptop in her laundry room back in 2008. She grew it from a blog to brand and a thriving business. Through her work online over the last 7 years she has become a savvy entrepreneur, online influencer, content creator and travel writer. She has worked with brands big and small to help them navigate the online social media space and has developed and implemented many online marketing campaigns. Andrea is now taking some time to explore different business options, travel even more and enjoy her time living in Barcelona!

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He’s been making a living with online businesses since 1994 and an internet entrepreneur since 1998. (Geez, I think that means he’s getting OLD!) His latest business shenanigans, TrafficForMe.com, is simple. T4M helps Info Marketers increase their income by selling them highly targeted traffic to their web businesses.

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