Barcelona marathon training update

Barcelona Marathon Training Update

I am over the half way point to running the Barcelona Marathon, I have about five weeks left before the big day, Sunday, March 12th. This past weekend I was not exactly feeling confident. In fact, I was sure I was hitting a wall, both mentally and physically. Physically I know I can run eight miles no problem, but I don’t feel like it is “easy”, so heading out to run a 15 mile run on Sunday morning –  I was a little nervous. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it. I have ran only two 10 mile runs and one 13 mile run,  and I have missed some long runs die to my traveling.

So I set out earlier than usual, because I didn’t want this to take over my entire day and the earlier you get out in the morning the less awake you are to a) realize what it is you are about to do and b) you leave before you talk yourself out of it.

I made my way up to the top of Passeig San Joan to start, which is up hill and then ran back down toward the Arc de Triomf knowing that that would be a great warm up on my way down to the beach. I tried to not mess with my music or look at my Strava app at all, I just tried to run as relaxed as I could, taking in the beautiful Barcelona morning, It had rained a little overnight, the sky was clearing up and it was already 58 degrees!  There was hardly anyone on the streets, because the only people up at 8:30am on a Sunday morning are runners and a few photographers taking advantage of the incredible lighting. Barcelona is not an early morning city, 12:00 is very much still considered morning here.

Running earlier meant less traffic and the lights were not turning as much, or I could just run on red because there was no traffic coming. Once I got down to the beach I realized I was not the only one with a long run on the schedule. There were SO many runners out at this time,(clearly they wanted to get it over with too). It was nice to be surrounded by my people, which was also encouraging. 

Here are some photos from the first half of my 15 mile morning run… (because I couldn’t bear to stop to take any photos the last 5 miles) I love the way the sky and the clouds changed throughout the first part of my run. I can’t complain, my marathon training backdrop is pretty amazing!

I DID IT. And my time wasn’t horrible either.

15 miles  / 2 hours 48 minutes / 11:12 average pace per mile via the Strava app.

When I got home I collapsed onto the floor and told Hudson to get me some frozen vegetables for my knees and I said to Harris “I’m not sure I ever want to do that again!”

Of course I am really happy that I survived 15 miles, however the thought of doing 11 more is frickin’ crazy!! I mean, I like running, but if I keep a 11 minute pace – I will be running for almost 5 hours, and when you put it like that it sounds horrible!! That is a LONG time to be running. (My goal is to do it 4.5 hours)

Later that night I was prepared to feel like I had been hit by a truck, but after a burger and a hour nap, I actually felt fine. Monday morning I was bracing for a ton of soreness – but to my surprise I wasn’t too bad. So today I went out and ran a short 5 miler and hit my best time and it felt like such a baby run! I guess that is the point – to keep doing the consistent 6-8 mile runs, and then push hard for the longer runs, which then gives you the confidence to keep going!

That’s the thing with “thinking” I hit an eight mile wall, it was all in my head. Now I’ve proved to myself that 15 miles is possible, both mentally and physically. Believing I can do this is more than half the battle, as a friend said to me “Your mind will give up way before your body will” and it is SO true. This is such a mental game.

26 miles I’m coming for you.

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