McKenna’s 9th Birthday, Tamarindo Costa Rica


 McKenna’s 9th Birthday Party in Costa Rica

Most Birthday parties in Costa Rica are pool parties, which is super easy and fun. The kids have a blast and the parents don’t have to do much other than provide some food. We had a pool party for Hudson’s Birthday up at our house and it was a lot of fun, but I wanted to try to find something different to do for McKenna’s Birthday party.

I randomly walked into this swimsuit boutique in Tamarindo and found these adorable little dolls, handmade right there in the shop.  It turns out that Papaya Con Leche is not only a swimsuit boutique but a custom swim suit shop and they hold craft classes for kids too!  They told me they even do a doll making class. While I was driving home a light bulb went off in my head, we should have McKenna’s Birthday party here and make the dolls!

McKenna's 9th Birthday 004

Getting Crafty in Costa Rica

When we arrived for the party the girls working at the store an helping with the Birthday party were all dressed up as dolls, it was so cute!  They lead us upstairs and it was like entering a secret fashion attic.  There were rolls of fabric everywhere, sewing machines, boxes of thread and fabric scraps.  This place was oozing with creativity, and I loved it.  I think McKenna did too, but she wasn’t as expressive as me.

Each of the girls were given a doll and they began learning to sew on the eyes of the dolls.  This was the first time McKenna had ever held a needle and thread. (I love fashion, but even I don’t know how to sew on a button). Then they moved onto sewing on the dolls heart, next they used swimsuit scraps to sew on the dolls hair. Last but not least, the dolls got eyelashes, a smile and a fun skirt.

Swimsuit Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

If you are in Tamarindo visiting and your kids need a little break form the sun and surf. Go into Papaya Con Leche and ask them about their doll making class.  This will be a unique handmade souvenir  to take home! While they make their dolls you can pick out a new swimsuit or help design and pick out your fabrics to have them make you a custom swimsuit!

Papaya Con Leche




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