Morpho’s Restaurant in Monteverde, Costa Rica

When we were in Monteverde one of my favorite places to eat was the Morpho’s Restaurant, and not just because of how beautifully painted the murals were in the restaurant, but the food was excellent and the service was great. Sure, we were the only ones there, but still the owner  was extremely friendly and extremely proud of his restaurant as he told us about how it was family owned and operated.

Morpho’s restaurant is located in Santa Elena but walking distance from the Monteverde Lodge and Gardens. You can not miss this restaurant, the entire building is decorated and inspired by the blue morpho butterfly. Stepping inside makes you feel like you are inside a giant painting or colorful storybook.

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I ordered the typical Costa Rican meal, Casado con Pollo.  I love this traditional dish, but it is always a little bit different everywhere you go. This was actually one of the best I’ve had, it was a really large portion and everything was so fresh. A Casado is usually rice, beans your choice of chicken, beef or fish, plantains and some variety of a small salad. Sometimes this dish can taste pretty plain, but at the Blue Morpho this dish was full of flavor, the chicken was tender and juicy, the plantains were perfectly cooked and the extra side of steamed veggies was a nice surprise.

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The owner insisted that we try their homemade desserts made by his mother, so we had to give them a try! We ordered the Key Lime Cheesecake and the Tiramisu. Both were delicious but the Key Lime Cheesecake was everyone’s favorite. We were even tempted to order another one.

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