Brasilito, Costa Rica

One of the main towns we drive through every day to get the kids to and from school is Brasilito, which is a traditional beachside town in Costa Rica that is home to many locals. The main square has many local restaurants called “sodas” serving the typical Costa Rican dishes like Arroz con Pollo and Cosados. This is also the place you’ll also find some souvenir shops, catch the local bus or grab a taxi. You’ll also find fruit for sale on the side of the road, which is totally safe to buy and eat. Locals will set up small stands to sell Mamon Chino, Sandia {watermelon) and Aguacate (avocado).

Mamon Chino’s are are an ugly looking round fruit that is pink or red in color with black or green hairy fur, but inside is a sweet grape like fruit that is super yummy!  Never judge a fruit by it’s cover;)  And Costa Rica has some of the biggest avocados I’ve ever seen in my life!

AvocadosBrasalitto AvocadosinCostaRica


Brasilito also has a a little skate park for kids.


Don Brasalitos is a local favorite but when you enter you’ll instantly feel the American bar type atmosphere, thanks to the Harley Davidson t-shirts hanging on the wall and the 80’s rock music videos playing on the big screens. It’s a motorcycle type bar across from the beach. It has a large room with plenty of seating and a huge bar, there is also a mini casino (machines) if you want to try your Costa Rican luck. They serve traditional Costa Rican food, typical bar food and have nice happy hour specials.


Brasilito beach is also the way to Playa Conchal, a tricky beach to get to. You have to literally drive on Brasilito beach to get to Playa Conchal.  This is confusing for many. If you drive to the end of the main road in Brasilito towards the beach you will go left and drive down onto the beach.  It will feel odd, but you’ll see other tire tracks. Keep going until you hit a wooded area and then through the woods a bit and then you are there!

Brasalitto is a true local town, and it sits in the middle of some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. It is completely safe during the day but can get a little sketchy late at night.

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