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Andrea December 11, 2017 posted by

Get your copy of Twist Travel Magazine’s winter issue!

The winter issue of Twist Travel Magazine is here!

Well look what we have here – it’s the winter issue of Twist Travel Magazine!!! I am ecstatic, to say the least. Why? Because this is the inaugural printed issue!

Yup, you can buy a printed copy or sign up for a yearly subscription right now. As in, you should. Right now. Go.

Last spring we put out the first digital issue of Twist Travel Magazine to test how things could go, and see if this wild idea of ours could be done. The feedback was great, so we moved on to the summer issue. People kept asking us how they could buy it!? Where could they get a copy? So we had to make a decision, are we going to throw everything we have into this or not?

My partner Keryn and I are similar, in that we don’t really do things halfway. Challenges get us fired up and really excited!  It was then we started developing the website and making plans for the fall issue and decided that we would go to print and sell the magazine through our website.

Yes, sell the magazine. I know. Some of you may be thinking we are crazy, but we believe that there is an opportunity and a space in the market for something like this. And trust me, the magazine is just the beginning, we have so many other ideas for this new travel brand that it’s hard not to spill the beans and tell you more!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me talk about the winter issue. The winter issue is a dream issue of snow and sand with sprinkles of holiday delights! It’s as gorgeous to look at as it is to read.

What’s inside the Winter Issue?

You want to know before you buy, I get it. Here’s the lowdown.

  • Family fun in the USA, including Park City, Ski Alta, Deer Valley, Tahoe and Vermont
  • The Best of British Columbia
  • Morzine, France and nine of the best spots to ski in Europe
  • Family Ski Gear Guide
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Gifts travelers could really use
  • She Gets Around: Finding our Happy Place in New Zealand
  • Australia: Road Trip on the East Coast
  • German Christmas Markets
  • Global Recipes from across the Globe
  • Spring Break Ideas
  • Twist Favorite Lush and Tropical Hotels
  • Spotlight on Costa Rica

Spotlight on Costa Rica

In the back of the magazine we always have a “Spotlight on” section and in the winter issue we chose to feature Costa Rica! Since I lived in Costa Rica for three years I crafted the majority of this section. It was fun to finally compile all my favorite places and local hot spots into one beautiful feature. If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica in the future you should definitely order the magazine so you can use it as a reference later.

How to Get Twist Travel Magazine

Printed Copies of Twist Travel Magazine
You can order single issues of Twist Travel Magazine or sign up for a one year subscription, by visiting the Twist Travel Magazine Shop. A one year subscription includes four seasonal issues. So, if you sign up today you will receive the recently launched winter issue, as well as the Spring ’18, Summer ’18 and Fall ’18 issues. We are currently shipping to the USA and Canada. For our European readers and our friends down under in Australia, we hope to be able to ship to you soon, and eventually worldwide!

Twist Travel Magazine Digital Version
For those of you that cannot receive a printed copy, you can subscribe to our email list and get the digital version for free! Once you subscribe, you will be sent a link to view the issue online. We know this isn’t as fun as actually holding the issue in your hands. But you still get to flip through it and enjoy all the rich travel stories, advice, expert tips, and get inspiration and motivation to take that next adventure.

Happy Holidays, wherever in the world you may be celebrating them!

Get your copy of Twist Travel Magazine’s winter issue!
Andrea August 11, 2017 posted by

Princess Diana Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace

Diana Her Fashion Story

Upon entering the first room of Diana Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace, I literally gasped. It was like stepping into a princess’s closet in a fairytale. Except this wasn’t a fairytale, and these were the actual dresses worn by a real princess. 

August 31st marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death. If you are like me, you’re probably thinking wow – it’s been 20 years already!? I remember her shocking death like most, but also because that following Spring I came to Europe for the first time on a study abroad program. The mourning of Princess Diana was still pretty prevalent all over Europe, and the world. While our group was in Paris we walked over the tunnel where the car accident actually took place, which still had flowers, candles and signs paying respect to the late princess. 

While in London for a few days I discovered that Kensington Palace was having a special exhibit to honor the Princess of Wales, Diana Her Fashion Story. I was not sure of all the details or how to even get tickets but I was certain I needed to see this. It turns out that the exhibit is included in the regular admission price when you visit Kensington Palace. I did not have a problem getting tickets mid week, but I would check online to reserve as I have heard that the weekends are selling out.

In the first room there were five of some of her most iconic dresses hanging in a clear glass case that allowed you to walk completely around admiring the stunning gowns. I walked around it three times, mesmerized by the design, the fabric and the elegance of it all. Next to each dress were small stands that had photographs of Diana wearing the gowns, the year she wore it and for what occasion. There were also special details about the design, the designer, or what she liked about the piece. The soft lighting of this first room and the unique lighting design almost made it look like lace reflecting on the glass. It was magical. 

“The outfits in this exhibition track her evolution as a princess, trend-setter, humanitarian and woman, who’s ability to connect with people still remains powerful today”

From the first room you walked through a few smaller sections, including one that had a wall of the design sketches, then onto another larger room showcasing even more of her clothing. Then in the final room there was a  large circular case filled with even more dresses, and all around this room were gorgeous portraits of Diana on the walls. This room actually made me a little sad, as I thought about her sons and how emotionally heartbreaking this exhibit must be for them. Simply stunning, and extremely well done.  

Diana Her Fashion Story is on display at Kensington Palace until February 2018, so if your travels are taking you to London I highly recommend you visit this stunning tribute to Princess Diana. 

Travel Tip:
Try to get there right at 10:00am when they open, before the rooms start to fill up with people.

I tried hard to get photos without people in the pictures but this was difficult because of the glass and and ability to walk all the way around the cases.





Princess Diana Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace
Andrea March 27, 2017 posted by

Wanderlust Finds: For the love of Lavender!

Color Me Purple!

I am normally not a purple person. I tend to be more of a blue hue kind of gal. However, a few things have caught my eye this Spring and they all happened to be shades of purple. Maybe what started it all was buying orchids for my office a few weeks ago. I’ve never bought orchids, but I saw them at this little flower shop that I always pass and had to have them. Then when the new Tech21 Evo Gem iphone case landed on my doorstep I realized this color was just begging for me to recognize it! Whether it’s lavender, lilac, orchid or wisteria, I am just loving this color right now.

So here are a few fun things that I’ve found while circling the internet…

1. Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops

Aimee from Wallflower Kitchen is the author of Coconut Milk Ice Cream and she makes the most amazing vegan treats! I stumbled upon her blueberry pops and literally wanted to lick my computer screen! These seem like he perfect Spring treat, I may actually attempt to make these this weekend!

Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops

Tech21 Evo Gem iphone Case

Tech21 Evo Gem iphone Case

2. Tech 21 Evo Gem iphone case

This little gem came in the mail and I was like “ohhhh, fancy!” I immediately took off my other Tech 21 battery charging case, which I LOVE because it keeps me powered up, but whoa. This pretty gem just made me take off my battery life line, which is a serious situation. My son ran his fingers down the case and said “oh it’s like an optical illusion!” The fine people at Tch21 made the new Evo Gem for iphone 6/6s and the 7 and the 7 plus.

Tech 21 Evo GEM iphone case $40

3. Birkenstocks for Spring!

I am loving the suede birks for spring. Not only do these come in a palette of pastel colors but there is also a nice rose gold leather pair too! Here in Barcelona the weather is still a wee bit chilly but I’ve already been wearing sandals they are so much easier to slip on and much more comfortable for running around the city!

Birkenstock Lavender Suede Sandal $150


4. Pastel Pots and Planters

Okay, so this is not technically purple but the succulent is! I found this little gem of a store on Etsy (of course) and when I found this speckled planter I also found these other pastel pots! THis seller has a lot of great pots and things for your garden.

Aqua Speckled Planter $15

5. The most Gorgeous Watercolor Feather Paintings!

I need one of these beautiful feather watercolor paintings in my life, but deciding on which one or to to get will be so difficult. This artist has even more incredible artwork in her CanotStop shop over on Etsy. Some of the bird paintings also caught my attention.

Feather Watercolor Painting $165

Have I sold you on loving purple? If so, go buy yourself some orchids!

Wanderlust Finds: For the love of Lavender!
Andrea January 26, 2017 posted by

Barcelona Boutiques: Lola Nomada

Lola Nomada

While shopping in Barcleona during the holidays I stumbled upon the coolest boutique called Le Studio, which is actually not only a boutique but the design studio for Lola Nomada. While I was running errands and shopping for other specific things that day I passed their shop and the beautiful curated collections of clothing immediately caught my eye. While Barcelona is filled with all the big name brands and typical shopping stores, I am much more interested in finding the Barcelona boutiques that offer more unique items.

Lola Nomada is a locally designed brand that was born right here in Barcelona. The two women behind the brand are Mayra Nor and Annabel Wiering. Mayra studied law in Germany, but has always had a big passion for fashion and branding. Annabel studied fashion management in Holland and has been working in the fashion industry for the last 12 years. Together with a small team in Barcelona they create the Lola Nomada collection. 

“As fashion creatives with a love for the bohemian lifestyle inspired by the urban, independent and confident women around us, we felt encouraged to create a fashion concept where effortless designs meet Mediterranian Chic.”

While chatting with the sales girl she told me that many of the fabrics used for their designs come from France and Italy. In addition to the the Le Studio in the Barcelona they have a small workshop where they create their designs and the larger quantities are made in Portugal. 

I fell in love with two shirts, the Sali Top for the fun collar and the Lina Top for the embroidered sleeves! All of the clothing is really well made and I loved so many of their skirts, but sadly I am just not a skirt girl.

When you come to Barcelona be sure to visit them, they are not far from the Palau de la Musica Catalana (which you should definitely see!) or you can shop Lola Nomada online.

I also loved their inspiration board they had hanging on the wall and this is what their clothing tags say: “A girl who wanders and a woman who dreams”  – I wish I would have thought of that 😉

Lola Nomada in Instagram #Lolanomada

Barcelona Boutiques: Lola Nomada
Style January 14, 2017 posted by

January Wanderlust Finds

While I have been sick and resting on the couch, I have been cruising the internet and I have found some beautiful things that I think any girl with wanderlust might love! I am positive that these five wanderlust finds will make you happy or make someone else you love happy..

Decorate with Succulents

It all started with me looking for some office design inspiration and I happened upon this beautiful display of potted succulents over on Pinterest. I definitely want to do this in our office, although I might have to put some books on the shelves too. This photo lead me to the blog What Olivia Did, and this photo was in an interview she did with a London based designer named Lizzie Evans. I was so happy to not only discover Olivia’s blog, but I also got the bonus of learning about a designer and her adorable London Boutique and Cafe SMUG (which I will need to check out next time I am in London). I love it when the Pinterest rabbit hole leads you to such beautiful places! 

Where to get fun pots? Check out this store over on Etsy, Noe Marin – she has the cutest ceramic pots, planters, bowls, and other fun ceramic items and they are handmade in in Spain!

Happiness Planner

If there is one thing on your 2017 to do-list let it be happiness! I know that many people start the new year with a new planner to start the year organized and ready to conquer it all, but maybe this year it is time for a different type of planner? This planner will allow you to tap into the things that make you happy and how you can find more time for them in your schedule It is filled with not only inspirational quotes, but weekly schedule and guided questions for you to answer and discover more ways to be fulfilled and be happy.  Happiness Planner

Elephant Bookends

Back to trying to find more things to help decorate my office I found these adorable elephant bookends. If you jut got a bunch of new books as gifts over the holidays then these will be perfect to display them. Not only would these look nice in a chic home office but these would look really cute in a baby nursery too. They make a great gift for just about any girlfriend! Elephant Bookends

Cuddle Up & Keep Warm

Curl up with your new happiness planner or a good book and keep warm this winter. My kids and I fight over our fuzzy blankets so I finally had to go out and by my own!  Cuddle Up Faux Fur Pillow



Custom Wall Art – a gift from the heart!

This is SO perfect for anyone who lives far away from family. This map wall art by The Here & There Shop is great gift to send to parents or grandparents. The maps are totally customizable and you can fill in as many states or countries as you want. So if you have family in multiple places you can fill in where everyone lives. I am definitely ordering one of these for my mom who lives in Minnesota and connecting it to Spain! These also make great wedding or anniversary gifts too.


January Wanderlust Finds
Andrea November 21, 2016 posted by

Travel Planning with Instagram: Weekend in Paris

Weekend in Paris

I recently took my daughter to Paris for the weekend to celebrate for her 12th Birthday! Since we live in Barcelona, this was a pretty easy and cheap girls getaway. This was our second girls trip together and I love these trips because it’s just the two of us and we really get to spend some quality time together. We are great travel partners, mostly because we both take an obnoxious amount of photos.

I had not been to Paris for 15 years and this was going to be a really short and sweet trip, we only had 2 1/2 days. This trip was not about over scheduling ourselves and trying to fit everything in. The biggest thing on her wish list was to see the Eiffel Tower (naturally!) and mine was to just get reacquainted with Paris again. Other goals for the trip were to just wander the charming neighborhoods, sit at cute cafes, eat good food and of course indulge in some sweet treats that Paris is known for.

Travel Planning with Instagram

When researching what I wanted to do and see on this quick trip to Paris I went to Instagram. Instagram is by far the best travel tool for me right now. I also like Pinterest, but sometimes the images on Pinterest just lead you to bogus websites or Flickr pages – not so helpful when trying to find some decent travel information. Google is pretty much worthless when searching for travel, all the top travel booking websites show up, or the large travel websites pop up with their lists that are cluttered with slideshows. They tell you the same 20 things to see and do, there is nothing original. Google is a travel research roadblock.

How do you search for travel on Instagram?

Travel planning with Instagram is all about the hashtags. Obviously I searched the generic #paris hashtag but bigger is not always better. You’ll want to check out other smaller hashtags to find the real gems too. I also saw that #parisjetaime #myparis #parisianlife #seemyparis #pariscartepostale had some great photo inspiration and drool worthy spots. I also clicked on some of the people that were using these hashtags and went to their Instagram accounts to see even more images and potential places I wanted to possibly ad to my list of check out. I also searched the hashtag of the neighborhood I was staying in #Marais #LeMarais to get a better idea of what that looked like and what people were posting from that area.

Then I started sending a lot of these images in a direct message to my daughter via Instagram to get her excited too! I also screen shot many of the images, so they would be in my camera roll for later reference.

A few of my favorite Paris Instagram accounts were @lily_paris, @parisjetaime, @myparisianlife, @designerinparis, @unlockparis, and @mylittleparis

Then I created what my aspirational Paris trip looked like (using the app Diptic).

Paris Trip Inspiration

Travel Inspiration

This got me and my daughter both very excited for our trip. I am a very visual person and this is my own way to familiarize myself with where I am going. It gets me in the mood for my destination and it also came in handy having the screen shots of places in my phone so I could easily find the while actually in Paris.

Now, the goal was not to run around stressed out checking all of these things off my list, although if that is what you need to create so you are focused when you travel, then go for it! But this was there for me as more of a guide and if I got stuck not knowing where to go or had some time in between doing other things we could seek these places out. However, when traveling with kids this might not be a bad idea and make it into a game. I was not trying to replicate these images or photos, I wanted my own unique version of course.

So what did our Paris trip actually look like?

Our trip was fantastic and it was even better than the one I had imagined.

Wanna know where we stayed, where we went, what we saw and what we did!?  I bet you do.
Well you have to wait, I’ll tell you about our trip in my next post. This was just some Paris eye candy to get you in the travel mood, but don’t worry it’s coming soon!

Travel Planning with Instagram: Weekend in Paris
Style October 14, 2016 posted by

Weekly Wanderlust Finds: Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad


Weekly Wanderlust Finds

This week while I was wandering around the internet I found some things that were pretty awesome and so I thought I should share with you!  I’m keeping it short and sweet, because there is SO much stuff on the internet and giant lists and slideshows drive me crazy.  My brain cannot consume all that information and I know I’d love it if someone would just give me a few cool things at a time. So this is my attempt to just give you five things that hopefully either help you, inspire you or get you thinking about the next destination you want to travel to. And if nothing else, at least these things are pretty 🙂


Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad

Yum! Love this Moroccan chickpea quinoa salad by Little Spice Jar. Not only is it pretty but it’s packed with protein power! This salad has 7 easy ingredients and a simple honey-lemon dressing. Make this to take to work or bring as a side dish to your next get together.



The Beach Lodge, California USA

If you have plans for an epic California road trip up and down the coast, then be sure to add this to your places to stay along the way! The Beach Lodge is a stylish beach house that can accommodate up to eight people. It is located in Oxnard, California between Santa Barbara and Malibu – so you get the beach front location without the heavy price tag and you can day trip to the Malibu beaches and explore Santa Barbara.
The Beach Lodge is available to rent through AirBnB.


Handmade Moroccan Basket

I love Moroccan home decor because it always adds a pop of color to any room or space. This handmade moroccan basket is medium in size so it can be placed on a bookshelf for decoration, used as a plant holder or in a bathroom for storage of small toiletries. You can get this and other fun home items from BabaSouk.ca (A Canadian Shop)


Blood Orange Margarita

I’m always looking for a new twist on the classic margarita and this one looks like the perfect combination. You’ll definitely want to whip up a batch of these for your next taco night! This Blood Orange Margarita was created by With Wit and Salt, a blog you don’t want to miss!


Leather Metallic Glasses Case

Have you seen an eyeglass or sunglass case that looked so simple, yet so chic? They’re just too cute to resist! These leather metallic sunglass cases are from Annie Bukhman’s shop over on Etsy. Buy one for you and one for a friend for that next girls getaway.


Weekly Wanderlust Finds: Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad
Andrea October 30, 2015 posted by

My favorite place in Granda, Spain: La Milagrosa Cafe

Milagrosa Cafe Granada Spain Wanderlust Living

We spent five weeks in Spain. Five weeks. And the one place that I keep thinking about is a little coffee shop in Granada called The Milagrosa Cafe. At first I found this to be a bit weird, I mean there is SO much we saw and did in Spain, not to mention that the illustrious Alhambra is just a few blocks away in Granada, but the place I desperately want to go back to is this lovely cafe.

How bizarre, right? But maybe not so bizarre…

When we travel, people and places should leave an impression, it should evoke some sort of emotion,  and if we’re lucky enough to be paying attention, it can stay with us forever.

Milagrosa Cafe Wanderlust Living Travel Blog

The Milagrosa Cafe made me feel special from the second the waitress smiled, handed us a menu and quickly returned with a sample of juice for us on a beautiful blue glass plate. I immediately knew I’d like it here. As I looked around I loved the design of the entire place, from the soft grey walls, the floral wallpaper on one wall, to the light pink chairs.

If heaven has a coffee shop, this was what it would look like.

As someone who travels and works from all sorts of places, when you stumbled upon a place that makes you feel like you belong, you grab it and hold onto it as long as you can. Harris and I came back for our morning coffee and breakfast and sat in the exact same spot, four times. I was a bit obsessed with this place. Even the staff intrigued me, they were exceptionally good looking in their blue and white striped shirts and grey aprons.

Milagrosa Cafe Tea and Tray Granda Spain Coffee Shops Wanderlust Living
The stylish details made me light up with joy. The tea was delivered on a beautiful tray with a porcelain tea pot, I tried to contain myself. I snapped pictures of everything we ordered trying not to make a scene. Everything was perfect, no it was magnificent!

Which is exactly what milagrosa means. (thank you google translate)

The Milagrosa Cafe Desayuno Breakfast Granda Spain Wanderlu Living

The Milagrosa Cafe is actually more than a coffee shop, it’s a full restaurant, and wine and tapas bar too. I actually regretted not stopping by there at night to sample more of their food and grab a glass of wine, but then I thought nope, I had our mornings etched in my mind perfectly and was happy to leave that way.

Maybe calling this my favorite place in Granda isn’t so strange…it’s the little things in life, right?

Cappucino Milagrosa Cafe Coffe Shop Granda Spain

The Milagrosa Cafe Wine Bar Granada Spain

The Milagrosa Cafe Granada Spain Wanderlust Living

My favorite place in Granda, Spain: La Milagrosa Cafe
Eats January 19, 2015 posted by

Ciudad Lounge, Granada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Granada Nicaragua Wanderlust Living

Anyone passing by might mistake the Ciudad Lounge for a globally inspired furniture store, and that’s because almost everything in the restaurant is for sale. The space is filled with an eclectic mix of  wooden tables and chairs, bookshelves, ceramic vases, candles, sculptures and large statues. Fabric as red as a matador’s cape are perfectly draped on the backs of the barstools, just barely skimming the floor.

The Ciudad Lounge in Granada, Nicaragua is oozing with charm and is a little off the beaten path. You will not find it along the popular Calle La Calzada, which is packed with tourists. Well worth the short walk or cab ride away from the crowds. The Ciudad Lounge is an eclectic mix of local artisan store, restaurant, wine bar and cigar lounge. We walked from our hotel, Hotel La Dulce and went for an early dinner since it was a cocktail lounge and we weren’t sure about bringing the kids.

Traveling with kids doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the cool places, it just means you go a little earlier so you don’t fee awkward or make anyone else feel awkward. Luckily our kids have traveled enough and know that Mom does not miss out on good food and wine simply on their account.

Granada Nicaragua Travel with Kids Ciudad Lounge Wanderlust Living

Ciudad Lounge Granada Nicaragua Statue
We were shown to the garden patio for a pre dinner drink. The Chef’’s wife, Noemi, chatted with us for a bit and we quickly learned that they used to live in San Diego and had a restaurant there before coming back to Granada to open the Ciudad Lounge. Talking with her I could feel the passion and intense love that they have put into their restaurant. It’s not only their home but how they have designed their life, being surrounded by the things they love.

Everyone should be so lucky to live a life they love.

Ciudad Lounge Chefs Table Ganada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Kitchen Granada Nicaragua

Noemi and Chef Puro treated us like honored guests from the moment we arrived, ignoring the fact that Hudson was wearing flip flops, Harris had on sandals and McKenna took off her shoes. Clearly she felt right at home.

In fact, Chef Puro invited us back to the kitchen to sit at the chef’s table and let the kids poke around the kitchen. He had a beautiful display of fresh ingredients and cooking essentials scattered around a table. He even put an apron on Hudson. We were the only ones in the place and so we got the VIP treatment, but I honestly believe this is how they treat everyone who enters their home.

No matter where you come from or how your dressed, they’re just glad you came.

Chef Puro and Noemi have a way of putting their arms around you, welcoming you into their world and making it so you never want to leave. Whether you come for the wine, whisky, a cigar or dinner you’ll leave having shared a taste of their life.

Ciudad Lounge.

Ciudad Lounge Chef Puro Granada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Restaurants in Granada Nicaragua Wanderlust Living

Ciudad Lounge granada Nicaragua Restaurants Wine Bar

Have you been to Granada, Nicaragua?

Ciudad Lounge, Granada Nicaragua
Style October 13, 2014 posted by

Panama City Style

Panama Style Wanderlust Living
This weekend we are heading to Panama City. I must admit, I am not that familiar with Panama City, other than the two obvious reasons: the Canal and the hats. I created this travel inspiration board to get me in the right kind of travel mood. I took some color inspiration from the traditional Panama hats as well as one of the newest hotels in Panama City, The American Trade Hotel.
Travel Style: Panama Hats
There are many different varieties of Panama hats. The traditional Panama hats are woven with “Paja Toquilla,” a straw in the palm family and found in Ecuador, where they are actually made. Like most of the goods produced in South America, they were shipped out via the Panama Canal, so they became known as Panama hats. Panama hats can take several days to make, and there are a variety of styles depending on how they are woven. They became popular with the miners traveling to California for the California Gold Rush and after Theodore Roosevelt was photographed wearing one when he visited the construction of the Panama Canal. (Thank you Wikipedia.)

I think it’s safe to say I will be bringing home a traditional Panama hat.

Sure, I am excited and interested in seeing the Panama Canal, but I am also looking forward to seeing the American Trade Hotel. The hotel is a part of the Ace Hotel family and is right in the heart of the Casco Viejo, one of the hottest areas in Panama City.  I have also read about Las Clementinas is a must-visit place for great food, drinks and a lively atmosphere. Usually where you find a great hotel or restaurant, you are sure to find other noteworthy places as well, so it’s always a good idea to seek them out.

I can’t wait to come back and show you what else I find in Panama City!

Have you been to Panama City?  What are some the the city gems you’d recommend?


Panama City Style