Celebrating Halloween in Costa Rica

Celebrating Halloween in Costa Rica was a little different then back home in Pasadena but we still and a lot of fun.  I had just recently gone back to the states and so while I was there I went on a Halloween shopping spree and brought back an entire suitcase filled with nothing but Halloween goodies for the schools party and our costumes.  I even bought our dogs little costumes!  The original plan was to go as a family of vampires, but I ended up just wearing a festive spider mask.


Since there aren’t any large neighborhoods here and all the kids live pretty spread out the kids went trick or treating at their school.  After trick-or-treating the school had a fun party with a haunted house, games and a scary bake sale.  Harris and I helped in the photo / craft booth all night, snapping pictures of all the kids and families dressed up in costume.

Just like in the states the kids ran around collecting candy and bouncing around on a sugar high.  I did miss  our regular chili and potluck get together with friends back in the states and the seeing all the pumpkins and falling leaves this year.




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