Christmas in Barcelona at Florista Navarro


Christmas in Barcelona

If you are looking for Christmas in Barcelona then you will want to head to Florista Navarro in E’ixample. I might be a wee bit obsessed with this place. I’ve even thought of asking them for a job, because I just want to spend all day in this flower shop. They wouldn’t have to pay me and I figure I could work on my Spanish, so it could be a real win-win!

There are Christmas Markets in Barcelona, and those are great too, but Florista Navarro is a florist and green house all year round so they have the advantage of already bursting with gorgeous flowers and green plants stacked to the ceiling. So it’s no surprise that with Christmas on its way this shop turns into a seasonal wonderland of holiday decor. They have everything you ned to deck the halls– Christmas ornaments, decorative centerpieces, candles, plush animals, glittery objects and even lighted snowmen and deer!  The shop is literally spilling out onto the street with red flower arrangements, poinsettia plants, mini Christmas trees, Santa gnomes and of course the Caga Tió.

Christmas Trees

Around the corner from their shop they have an entire space filled with Christmas trees. Best of all, this shop will deliver them to your home! They have a variety of sizes and vary in price. I recently helped a friend picked hers out. She bought a pretty large tree and it was $100 and that included next day delivery.

We had actually already bought ours at the La Sagrada Familia Christmas Market, but might come here next year to get the delivery!

Walking up to Florista Navarro is impressive in and of itself, but wait until you get inside and find your way to the back of the store! This is where you will find all the holiday decor and everything you need to make your home feel festive. I loved that each holiday table display had a color theme (pinks, purples, blues, golds, white and red). There are the cutest woodland creatures – sparkly deer, little squirrels, and the most adorable penguins.




We may not have yards in the city center of Barcelona but some of these holiday light up decorations would look great on any balcony or terrace!


Florista Navarro is absolutely one of my favorite places I have discovered in Barcelona so far! When I am out and about running errands or meeting a friend for coffee near by I can’t help but stroll past. Florista Navarro is on Carrer de Valencia and Carrer del Bruc – just one block down from Mercato de Conception, which is a great market and even sells many items from Florista Navarro right out in front!

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