Goodbye 2013!

We have only been in Costa Rica for 6 months, but already it feels like home. When I look back, we’ve done a lot in just six months.  One of the first things we did was buy a car, a 1995 Toyota four runner that comes with a cassette tap deck!   Then we looked at nine potential houses to live in and moved into Villa Oasis. Then Harris bought a 1976 Land Cruiser, which has probably been his favorite purchase of his entire life so far.

Our very first guest came to visit us, Grandma Merrilee, Harris’s mom. We took a weekend trip inland to Monteverde as a last hurrah to summer before the kids started school. The kids started school at Country Day school and made friends immediately. I went back to the states twice, to Las Vegas and New York  for work and a little fun. Both left me feeling over stimulated and eager to get back to Costa Rica. Harris went back to the states to for work. We took another weekend trip south to Nosarsa.  We filmed House Hunters International – OMG.  And now we are headed to Guatemala for Christmas.

I think it it same to say that we are getting the hang of this wanderlust living thing and settling in to an international lifestyle just fine!  2013 was certainly a year we will never forget.  It’s the year we said fuck it, and jumped.  I wonder what 2014 will hold….

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