Five Costa Rica favorites for #FindingCostaRica

The Findery app is #FindingCostaRica for the next two weeks, and they asked me to create a 10 Days in Costa Rica travel itinerary!

Since I live in Costa Rica this should be a breeze right?

Ahhh… no, not really.

When I get asked about where to stay and what to do in Costa Rica, my response is always the same. What type of vacation or travel experience are you looking for?

People travel for different reasons, not to mention a wide range of budgets and ages of those traveling with them. Whether you’re up for an off-the-grid adventure or looking to simply rest and relax poolside, there is definitely something for everyone in Costa Rica.

I do have some absolute favorite places I always recommend to just about anyone visiting Costa Rica, so while I was creating this itinerary, I thought about what I would do if I left Costa Rica for a few years and was coming back to visit. What would I want to do and see again? That was how I came up with this 10 Days in Costa Rica travel itinerary.

Here are 5 of my Findery notemaps — for the full itinerary head on over to the Findery Blog!

Finding Costa Rica on Findery

Las Catalinas Guanacaste Costa Rica Hiking Trails Epic Views Wanderlust Living

1. Las Catalinas, Playa Danta

Las Catalinas is a locals’ favorite and absolutely high on my list of places to visit. I go hiking here at least two times a week, I’m a bit obsessed with the beauty of these trails. Las Catalinas is an up-and-coming housing project, community and resort town. There is no doubt Las Catalinas will look very different two years from now as more and more is being built, but for now it is our family’s favorite place to spend the day. Las Catalinas Point

Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica Wanderlust Living
2. Rio Celeste Waterall

If your dream of traveling in Costa Rica includes treking through the sometimes muddy and wet damp rainforest in search of hidden treasure, then put hiking the Rio Celeste waterfall on your list. The hike to the waterfall is not difficult; it can get slick and you may get wet, but so worth it! If your kids don’t get dirty, then they didn’t have enough fun! Rio Celeste Waterfall Hike

La Carolina Lodge Costa Rica Wanderlust Living


3. La Carolina Lodge

I’ve gushed about La Carolina Lodge a few times now, but that’s because it was truly an unforgettable experience. Perhaps it was the people I was with combined with a time when I truly needed a weekend to unplug and get away from it all. Regardless of why I thought it was magical, La Carolina Lodge is off the grid, and I highly recommend it. If you do find yourself sitting in the naturally-heated hot tub next to the rushing river, I hope you find it just as magical! La Carolina Lodge

The Club at Mar Vista Guanacaste Costa Rica
4.  Mar Vista

Watching the sunset from any beach in Guanacaste is going to be pretty spectacular, but watching it from an infinity pool with a cocktail in hand might make the sunset even better! The Club at Mar Vista is open to the public, so anyone can go take advantage of this local hot spot. There is a full restaurant, bar and a mini zipline for the kids! The Club at Mar Vista

Tabacon Hot Springs Wanderlust Living Costa Rica

5. Tabacon Hot Springs

You cannot come to Costa Rica and not sit in the volcanic hot springs. There are several hot springs to choose from in the Lake Arenal area of Costa Rica. You will have a hard time deciding, but that’s why you’re here — to let me help you decide. I’ve been to a handful of them, and while you can never really go wrong with any hot springs, I still come back to the Tabacon Hot Springs as my absolute favorite. It’s award-winning and has been featured in Condé Nast for a reason. Tabacon Hot Springs


Tip for #FindingCostaRica: You can visit endless pools and beaches anywhere, but come to Costa Rica to explore and expect more!

Head on over to the Findery Blog for the full itinerary for 10 Days in Costa Rica, where I share more tips on getting the most out of your Costa Rica adventure!

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