First Day of School in Costa Rica

August 5th 2013:  First Day of school in Costa Rica.

Today was the first day of school in Costa Rica, I was super excited, Harris was pretty calm as usual, McKenna was a little nervous and Hudson was his same silly self.  It was really like any other typical first day of school, The uniforms were brand new and crisp, the backpacks were packed with fresh school supplies and I was trying to capture a perfect first day of school picture.  The only difference was, we were in Costa Rica and the kids were going to arrive in style in Harris’s new bad ass Jeep.

Our kids will be going to Country Day School Guanacaste, an international private school for grades K -12.  We toured the school a year ago when we were here and fell in love with the campus and it seemed to be a great place for our kids to make an easy transition.  There are a lot of expats in this area so the school has a mix of  Americans, Canadians, and Costa Rican children as well as some families from Europe.  One of our main goals for moving to Costa Rica is so our children will become bilingual and about half of their day will be taught in Spanish.  This was also probably the biggest concern that our children had, was learning Spanish.  They were excited to start school but learning another language was totally new to them, so I can understand their nervousness.

Hudson only has six kids in his class and McKenna’s class was a mix of 3rd & 4th grade so she had 16 in her class.  This was a temporary situation until they could find a 4th grade teacher.  Both teachers were American but spoke fluent Spanish.

We dropped them off with no real worries, they were in a safe place and we believed this would be such a great experience for them.  I mean, how badly could this screw them up…?  Of course, as a parent it’s natural for you to want your children to like school and make friends easily but since our kids have traveled and moved around a bit, we knew they would probably adapt well.  But there is always that little fear of the unknown and what if they are miserable and hate it here!??

I’m happy to report that they had a great first day and came home saying they made friends, loved their teachers and liked their new school.  In fact, the third day was a half day and Hudson was so upset when we came to pick them up, he said “I don;t want to go home yet!” and McKenna ran up to us asking if she could have a playdate with one of the girls in her class!  So I think it is safe to say, they’ll be just fine.




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