First time stand up paddleboarding in Costa Rica

One of the first things the kids were excited to try in Costa Rica was stand up paddleboarding (SUP).  Our friend Javier, who is an official Costa Rica tour guide brought the boards and paddles to Playa Conchal and helped me and the kids learn how to stand up paddleboard. Playa Conchal is one of our favorite beaches in Costa Rica and on this particular afternoon we got rained on, but when it rains it’s a warm rain and actually very refreshing. You can see in the photos that the clouds were moving in on us, but we got plenty of paddleboarding in before the rain started.

Harris had already gone out a few times with Javier so he was a pro by now. Hudson was six and McKenna was eight years old last year when they tried this for the first time and they both got up with no problem.  Stand up paddleboarding is not very hard, it’s just a lot about balance. It works your leg muscles and core, but also the arms get a nice work out too from paddleing and steering the board in the direction you want to go. The kids didn’t go out very far since they can only paddle so long.  I think the most fun for them was coming into the shore and riding the wave which pushes them fast and then they either jump off or fall off.













This is Javier and you can find him at  He does tours all around Guanacaste and can help arrange activities, tours, transportation or provide you with some general travel information and guidance.

Playa Conchal, July 2013



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