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Family Vacation Photos

We travel a lot and I take an obnoxious amount of photos. Sometimes I think we travel too much, and my kids definitely think I take too many photos, but those are two entirely separate issues, because today I want to talk about the issue of getting ME in the photos!  I heard about Flytographer from a few friends about a year ago. I thought this idea was brilliant! I oogled at my friends Flytographer photos and thought – OMG we need to do this! So on our latest trip to Lisbon, Portugal I booked us a Flytographer.

Sure, I’m in the family selfies, where everyone but me is making a crazy face (mocking me for wanting to take a family selfie). I love our family and all their multiple personalities, but we have not had a real professional family photo in at least four, maybe five years. My mom has been begging me for something she can actually put up on the wall and I wouldn’t mind having a family photo of us not all squished into a tiny thumbnail size photo. Flytographer was also started by a mom, she obviously understands the pain point of traveling and never being in any of the photos!


So here’s the scoop, Flytographer has a network of photographers in over 200 cities, you book your shoot wherever you are traveling and the photographer meets up with you on your vacation and makes sure that YOU get in the photos. Obviously you book a day and time in advance, to ensure you are looking cute and didn’t just get off a river boat cruise and your hair is a wild mess. In fact, Flytographer gives you a photo shoot concierge that helps you pick from a list of possible photo shoot locations, time of day when the lighting in that city may be best and matches you with the best photographer for your photo shoot personality. Mine even helped me to find a local salon in Lisbon to get a blow out!

 The other reason I have not had family photos taken for awhile is because I always wanted a backdrop that was unique and a little more special or fun, something that suited our family’s personality. Well what could be more fun and special then professional photos in a destination where our family is traveling!? Not only is the destination filled with endless backdrops, but it’s also a perfect memento from our trip. What’s a better keepsake, professional family photos or a fridge magnet? (Nothing against fridge magnets, but you could turn one of your photos into a fridge magnet – for all your relatives!!)

We met our photographer at the yellow iconic cable car stop on Rua da Bica to start our one hour shoot, from there we wandered the streets and took photos wherever we felt comfortable or saw something interesting. She also guided us to a special park and lookout area that is very popular in Lisbon, we grabbed some ice cream for the kids and continued to stroll laughing and warming up to the camera a little bit more. By the end of the photo shoot my kids started to really goof around and wanted to keep going! They were actually bummed that it was over and asked if we could do it again in Porto. Clearly my kids are not camera shy.

Not only did we get to take awesome family photos in a unique setting but we were able to see a bit more of the city and the kids really enjoyed it.
Taking family pictures turned out to be a fun family activity. Have you ever heard that before!?

Then about five days later, while we were still on vacation and in Porto, my photos were delivered right to my inbox.  We all snuggled up in the hotel room bed and clicked through them together! While we all have our favorites, I’m just happy I can download ALL of them and decide on which ones to have printed with no rush or pressure.

We were given over 45 photos! Here are some of my top favorites, which photo do you like the best!? (Tell me in the comments)

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Disclosure: I did receive a comped 30 minute session from Flytographer. However, I paid for an extra half hour, because I wanted to make sure we got enough shots and I also wanted some individual shots of my kids. Since my photo shoot, I was asked to be a Flytographer Mom for a Mother’s Day campaign and am being compensated. All my opinions are true and I would be a Flytographer Mom whether they asked me or not. This is a seriously cool experience that I LOVE and highly recommend!!


  1. Kari Robak

    I love this concept and all the photos are so beautiful! My favorite is the one in front of the bus, it’s so YOU! Love this! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Debra

    Love love the pictures I love the one looking over the wall and the one in front of blue bus but all are great!!

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