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The Las Catalinas hiking trails in Costa Rica are to blame for my new found hiking obsession, but I realized that I just might be a hiker when on two of my recent trips back to Los Angeles my favorite thing I did was go hiking. Most people do not think of LA and say “Oh – hiking!”  but they should, because hiking in Los Angeles is a great way to escape all that traffic! And if you are traveling with kids it’s a great place to let them run wild.

Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Griffith Park is LA’s version of Central Park, with over 53 miles of trails set on 4300 acres it is the largest urban park in North America! {thank you wikipedia} For Angelenos that do not live on the west side near the ocean Griffith Park is their beautiful oasis to escape the city. Griffith Park is not the only place to go hiking in LA either, there are plenty of great hikes all around Los Angeles – Discover Los Angeles has a helpful list of some of the best places to hike in Los Angeles. However, the Griffith Park hiking trails are some of the most popular because they give you some of the best views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign.

If you are staying in the Hollywood, Loz Feliz or Silverlake area the easiest entrance is on Fern Dell Drive, right off of Loz Feliz Blvd or you can take Western Ave or Vermont Ave straight up and you run right into it. There is free parking all along the street but it’s best to get there earlier in the day to grab a parking spot as it can get packed the later you go.

Hiking Path at Griffith Park Los Angeles

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Griffith Park Observatory Hiking Trails Los Angeles Wanderlust Living
Of course you can also visit The Griffith Park Observatory, it’s open until 10:00pm everyday except Mondays and has a variety of free events happening each week. You can even go horseback riding at Griffith Park and there’s even pony rides for kids. There’s even an old fashioned merry-go-round on the other side near the LA Zoo entrance. So, I guess what I am trying to say is – there is a lot to do at Griffith Park, so make sure to put it on your list when visiting Los Angeles!

Hiking in Los Angeles Wanderlust LivingGeocaching in Los Angeles Giffith Park Wanderlust Living

My friend Kim hiked with me one one of my trips back to LA and she likes to Geocaching in Los Angeles, so she was on the hunt for a new geocache treasure – and of course she found one! I like hiking solo but I also like hiking with friends, I mean I love meeting up for coffee or a cocktail but catching up while moving and getting some fresh air so much better!

Hiking in Los Angeles Griffith Park Trails View from Above WLL
HIking in Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory Wanderlust Living

This particular morning back in December was chilly and the sky was sort of spooky, but I loved it.

I don’t think that we need a scientist to tell us that unplugging and getting outside is good for us, but in case you have some doubts, I found this article Ah, wilderness! Nature hike could unlock your imagination. I know for me that getting outside helps me clear my head, brainstorm ideas, work out stress and life’s frustrations. Not to mention, hiking just makes me feel healthier and happier. So regardless of what any study says, you should always do things that make you healthier and recognize the things that make you happy – and do more of them.

Here are some Los Angeles Hiking Resources for you, happy hiking!

Modern Hiker: LA Hiking Trails

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

I found these bad ass chicks over on Instagram –  Girls who Hike LA on Instagram

So I think it’s official, I’ve become a hiker and I’ve got a new Camelbak to prove it. {Ha!} No really, I just bought this waist Camelbak at REI and I love it.

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Do you hike? Do you hike in Los Angeles and have any tips to share or hikes to recommend?

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