Hotel La Mar Dulce, Granada Nicaragua

HOtel La Mar Dulce Granada Nicaragua

After we successfully made it crossing the Nicaragua border from Costa Rica we arrived at our hotel, Hotel La Mar Dulce. This hotel is tucked away in what appeared to be more of a local neighborhood of Granada, but we pulled up to a small hotel that looked very charming. There was not much of a hotel lobby, just a simple reception desk and small couch.  I could  see the blue water from the pool peeking through the bushes and staircase that lead to the second floor.

We passed by several other hotels in Granada Nicaragua and they all appeared to be similar to this style. Simple, well kept and a courtyard or pool in the middle with the rooms around it.

Hotel Del Mar Dulce, Granada Nicaragua

The pool is in the center of this hotel and all the rooms doors are facing the pool. There are two floors and only about 16 – 18 rooms. The rooms are nice and clean but pretty basic. The bathroom is pretty small and not a whole lot of counter space, but the main room had plenty of room for us. The room also comes with a fridge stocked with water, beer and soda with a price list. The prices in Nicaragua are very affordable, especially coming form Costa Rica. A beer from the fridge equaled about 75 cents. Breakfast is included in your stay and you are given only two options, either the traditional eggs and gallo pinto or pancakes. The coffee was really good coffee. Central America sure knows how to do coffee 🙂

Hotel La Mar Dulce Granada Nicaragua Hotels

La Mar Dulce Hotel Granada Nicaragua Hotels Wanderlust Living

The pool area is small but a mini tropical oasis and a great place to sit and relax. Harris and I worked poolside every morning and had no issues with internet. In fact, I co-hosted a Twitter party here!! The perks of being digital nomads, we can literally work anywhere as long as there’s good wi fi.

This hotel is not right off the main tourist area, which I actually appreciated. We were away from all the noise. It was about six blocks from the main square and it was nice walk for us and our kids to get a little exercise in. We did take a cab back one night, and it costed maybe $5.

Hotels in Granada Nicaragua Hotel  La Del Mar Dulce

If you stay at this hotel, be sure to walk just two blocks to the Ciudad Lounge, (the receptionist will direct you which way to go) it was my favorite restaurant we ate at and not your typical tourist type of place.

Hotel La Mar Dulce

Hotel La Mar de Dulce Nicaragua Granada Hotel Wanderlust Living



  1. Jess

    This place looks amazing.
    The water is very blue, vegetation is lush, and the whole place looks very calm.
    With a budget of $60/day for two people I can stay there a week?

  2. Andrea

    Hmmm I cannot remember the hotel rate here – you can look on Tripadvisor. Not sure if you are talking about $60 a day for hotel and food or just hotel?

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