Hudson’s 7th Birthday

Today is Hudson’s 7th Birthday and the first birthday we are celebrating here in Costa Rica!  It was strange to not have to feel like running to Target and picking up a bunch of gifts for him, I felt a little bad not wrapping up something to give him today.  So I made this fun virtual Birthday card for him late last night.  He is always making crazy faces and these were taken on the beach while I was trying to practice with my Canon camera.  This gift to him of crazy faces sums up our Hudson man perfectly.  He is always in such a great mood , positive and has such a happy spirit.


I wanted him to take something to school to share with his classmates and normally I would have just bought some store bought cupcakes but you can’t really find those readily available here…so I did the best I could with some pre-made Betty Crocker cookie mix. I was a little nervous on how these things were going to turn out, but they turned out great!


The only thing Hudson wanted to do on his birthday was take his dog and new best friend to school with him.  Not sure his teacher would appreciate that, but I did let Jack ride in the car on the way to school.

This Saturday we are having a Birthday party for Hudson to really celebrate.  We invited all 5 of his classmates and McKenna invited 3 of her friends.  We also thought of this as an opportunity to have a little house warming party by inviting the parents and siblings and make it a family party. We’re excited to host our first party in Costa Rica!

Feliz Cumpleaños Hudson!

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