Instagram Travel Thursday: Best friends on a barefoot hike in Las Catalinas

Instagram Travel Thursday

Welcome to Instagram Travel Thursday. This fun link up is hosted by Skimbaco Lifestyle and a few other of my favorite travel bloggers. Every week I post the latest and greatest from my Instagram photo stream to show you a little glimpse into my life here in Costa Rica! For some of you that are new here, we just recently moved to Costa Rica to embark on an epic family adventure and to truly embrace living my passion.

This week I am sharing a sweet walk/hike to a hidden beach that my daughter McKenna and her best friend here in Costa Rica lead. They let the rest of tag along and I captured their steps along the way. One of my favorite things about living in Costa Rica is exploring the many beaches and that the kids are free to explore. This is at one of our favorite spots, Playa Danta and Playa Dantita at Las Catalinas. When the tide is low you can climb over the exposed rocks to a small hidden beach. Take a walk with us…

**If you are looking for more about the hiking trails at Las Catalinas read, Obsessed: The Las Catalinas Hiking Trails









Come by next week for another Instagram Travel Thursday post!


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