On the way to Arenal don’t forget to stop at Toad Hall

While my Mom was visiting us we decided to take her inland to see Lake Arenal and the volcano. Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano is probably one of the most popular destinations in all of Costa Rica. The drive from the beach in Guanacaste takes about 4 hours, but it will take you a little longer if you stop for lunch and I recommend you push on through to Toad Hall.

How do you get to Toad Hall?  It’s easy, just follow the 49 signs that you will see advertising Toad Hall. We remembered these signs from 5 years ago when we were in the Arenal area, but we never stopped (something we always regretted). I think our kids (only 2 & 4 at the time) were sleeping and it was raining.  So this time we were stopping at Toad Hall to see what all the fuss was about.

The signs that mark the way to Toad Hall are random and sporatic to say the least and some are very small so, you need to really look for them.  They are all different colors, shapes and sizes and most of them are handmade and looks like a 4th grader wrote them  Some simply just have one word on or two words on them like COLD BEER, FOOD, KIDS, GIFT SHOP, SHOES, (yes shoes) or the signs tell you how much farther you have to go to get to Toad Hall, like 30 METERS or you’re almost there! This was a fun game with kids in the car, to see who could spot the next sign!

Toad Hall Costa Rica

Toad Hall is a hotel with charming cabinas that have a fantastic view of Lake Arenal (when it is not overcast and cloudy) and they also have a restaurant and gift shop open to anyone. We did not stay at Toad Hall, but I would definitely consider it the next time we head to the Arenal area. It’s very quaint and has that perfect rainforest atmosphere, they even have a few animals on the property.  It is about another 30 minute drive to get to the main city center of Lake Arenal and where you’ll find all the famous the hots springs and zip lining tours.

Toad Hall Toucan Costa Rica
This is the Toad Hall Toucan, his name is Sam.

Toad Hall Animals Costa Rica
We think this is a turkey…?

Toad Hall Costa Rica with Kids
Does this frog remind you of a certain frog from a Disney movie? There is a rumor and dispute over which one came first.

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  1. Katie (Beach for Baby)

    Funny article. We were just in Costa Rica making that same drive, laughing at those same zillion signs. Our daughter was sleeping too, so we didn’t stop. We assumed it was just a silly tourist trap. 🙂

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