Leaving Costa Rica

La Paz Community School Costa Rica morning WLL
A  week ago I sat and watched my kids walk over the bridge, under the Guanacaste tree at La Paz Community School for the last time. Not only did I watch my kids, but I watched many kids walk onto this incredible campus in the middle of Costa Rica. It was the last day of school and for Hudson and McKenna it was the last day of school not just at La Paz but in Costa Rica. I tried to keep it together, but as I swatted flies from my face, tears started to roll down my cheeks.

Our time in Costa Rica has come to an end and one of the main reasons we had such an exceptional experience is because of La Paz Community School. There is a solid foundation of passion and purpose at La Paz. A clear vision, a vision that Harris and I both responded to right away and the reason we had to be apart of it. It’s not just what the school stands for and believes in, but the type of people that it attracts. Passionate, giving, supportive, caring, smart, friendly people. Families that see the world just as special as we do and people filled with a real zest for life.

Harris and I stayed for the morning meeting with a group of other parents that are also leaving Costa Rica, we sat to soak up every last ounce of La Paz energy that we could. We sat and listened to kids stand up one after the other and express their gratitude to their teachers and other students that made their year special. A few parents and teachers shared some beautiful words of gratitude as well. I could not stand to share anything because I would have been a total mess. I was a mess. But, I need the La Paz Community and everyone who we have met in Costa Rica to know just how much they mean to me. Without being too over dramatic.

So, I created this video as a keepsake for our family, but really my hope was to capture what living in Costa Rica FEELS like, because even though I cannot put it into words – I have the pictures! 😉


After three years of living in Costa Rica we are ready to move on, but we’re taking a piece of all of you with us – so THANK YOU.


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