Lola’s on the beach in Avellanas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not known for it’s mind blowing cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some really great food.  You just have to look a little harder and maybe drive a little further. Lola’s is one of the best beach side restaurants and sort of famous, because it has been around for almost 15 years! Many places, especially restaurants in Costa Rica seem to come and go.

I also heard about a local goat and dairy farm on the way to Avellanas that sells all types of cheese, milk and greek yogurt.  So on Saturday we made a day of getting to Lola’s and stopping to check out the dairy farm on the way. (more on the dairy farm later)


Avellanas is not far from the popular town of Tamarindo.  Once you start to get into Avellanas the drive is on an un-paved, very bumpy and a pot hole filled road.  To which I said “Well, all shitty roads in Costa Rica lead to something great.” and Lola’s proved my theory yet again. Lola’s is directly on the beach, has large tables with thatched roof canopy’s, a great bar, hammocks, fantastic food and an incredible view of the beach.


This was some of the best food I’ve had in Costa Rica and the service was fantastic. The ceviche was insane.  I actually haven’t had a bad  batch of ceviche since I’ve been in Costa Rica, it’s pretty amazing almost anywhere you go, but Lola’s might have been my favorite so far. You must also order the Hawaiian Poke, which was tuna shasimi, a little mixed slaw, soy sauce, and wasabi served with a side of pita bread.  It was heavenly.  The kids ordered a gigantic cheese pizza and it was so big we had to take half of it home.  McKenna ordered the nachos  and it was another large portion, perfect for sharing. The nachos were really great too.  Of course good food comes with a price,  but so worth it.



The beach is great for kids of all ages, with a very large shallow walk in for little ones and nice size waves for older kids.
You can also take surf lessons on this beach.


Harris fell asleep in the hammock.  Which tells you how relaxing this place was.


  1. Jenn

    I love seeing all of your posts and its fun to see your instagram photos as well. I will be visiting Costa Rica in January. I will be 7 months pregnant so Im very anxious on what I can and can’t do! So one week we will be spending in La Fortuna and then we will travel down to Quepos! Any recommendations? So excited to see more of your travels in guatemala!

  2. Andrea


    Congratulations on the baby!! Well, being 7 months pregnant you’ll want to stay away from zip lining I suppose;) But the hot springs in La Fortuna are fabulous. We bought a day pass to visit “The Springs” – which was the best thing we did it is an amazing hotel and resort but they allow you to buy a day pass if you are not staying there. Will you have kids with you, besides the one in your belly?

    I have not been down to Quepos so can’t really recommend anything there. We live at the beach in Guanacaste.

    Happy & Safe Travels!

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