Los Angeles still feels like home

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No matter where we may roam, Los Angeles still feels like home.

Since we moved from Los Angeles to Costa Rica almost three years ago, we definitely feel like we’ve made a home in Costa Rica, but the minute we landed in Los Angeles it felt like we were really HOME. There is something about Los Angeles that feels very comfortable and familiar. Maybe it’s because that’s where Harris and I met, got married, and bought our first house. I guess it’s where our story began so we will always be connected and drawn to it. Neither one of us is from Los Angeles originally, and we don’t have any family that lives there, but we have a lot of great friends and thousands of crazy stories and cherished memories in that city.

When in Los Angeles I went running and ran past my old building where I lived before Harris & kids, and it brought back so many memories. I moved to Los Angeles without knowing a single person. It was probably the biggest and scariest decision I’ve ever made, and one that ultimately changed the direction of my life forever. This is probably why LA will always have a place in my heart. Even if the traffic still sucks.

The main reason we were in Los Angeles was to apply for our non working Visa’s so we can move to Spain. We had to collect some last minute paperwork, get an FBI background check and all of us had to get seen by a doctor, to literally give us a clean bill of health. The Visa process is no joke and took weeks of planning and preparing, which I will post about in another time in complete detail – to help anyone else that wants to apply for a Visa. We can give you a step by step guide!  Warning – it is not for the weak.

Santa Monica Beach Los Angeles Wanderlust Living

Even though we were there on official move to Spain business – we were able to see so many friends and have some fun with the kids too. They were on Spring break after all. We stayed in Hollywood and the cutest AirBnB apartment that was tastefully themed as Alice in Wonderland, cruised Hollywood boulevard, spent an entire day at the beach in Santa Monica, ate incredible food, saw a movie, went to a bookstore, went bowling (things they don’t get to do very often in Costa Rica) and did another escape/maze room.

This was the second time we did one of these escape rooms and it is by far the favorite thing for the kids to do! Have you heard of Escape Rooms? { here are two companies in Los Angeles that we have done Maze Rooms  / Logiquit }

While running around all over Los Angeles I had the feeling that at some point we’ll probably end up moving back. And not just because McKenna declared that “When she’s an adult she’s moving to LA.” I just still love all the energy and there is so much to see and do, not just in the Los Angeles area but all of California! However, we are still very much in operation move to Spain, and excited to go explore Europe for a couple years. Then we shall see where go after that…

We definitely feel more like citizens of the world and so it’s hard to say where home is, but the minute we landed in Costa Rica I was happy to be…home.

Costa Rica is home Wanderlust Living


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