Mar Bella Skate Park

Mar Bella Skate Park in Barcelona

Mar Bella Skate Park

The first things we bought the kids when we moved to Barcelona were new penny skateboards. They were such a huge hit last summer when we visited that we knew we had to get new ones. It was an easy investment at only 20 Euros each.

Mckenna also got a Micro Kickboard scooter, which she likes much better than the penny skateboard, because she has more control of it. The penny skateboard makes her nervous being so close to people on the city streets and crossing crowded intersection. City kids all over the world have scooters and now I can totally understand why. We do SO much walking in Barcelona. This is an easy way for the kids to have fun while getting to where we are going, and there is a lot less complaining!

Hudson has been begging me to find a skate park, so after a quick Google search I found the Mar Bella Skate Park. The Mar Bella Skate Park is a little further out of the city center, but a short train ride and it’s right by the ocean. There is plenty of green grass and some shade right next to the skate park, so it’s easy to watch the kids while relaxing or reading a book. There were actually more kids and adults riding scooters and doing tricks than skateboards both times we visited the skate park, which surprised me. You do have to watch out for some of the more advanced kids and adults,  but it never got too crowded.  Even McKenna could go down into the bowls with her scooter and not feel like she was in the way.

Quick Travel Tips

If you plan to go, I suggest stopping at one of the small markets and picking up some snacks and water before you get to the skate park. There isn’t really anything close to the park; you have to go down to the beach to one of the restaurants if you want to buy anything to eat or drink. There is also a McDonald’s not to far away. My kids were dying for some McD’s so we indulged and went there after as a special treat.

We thought maybe we could skate to the park from Barceloneta, but it turned out to be a little too far, so I suggest just taking the metro.You will want to take the L4 yellow line to POBLE NOU. Get out and follow the pack of people heading towards the beach.

The best part about taking the metro is walking from the Poble Nou station to the the skate park.
You  and your kids will skate past all of this incredible street art…

Skate Park Barcelona Mar Bella Wanderlust Living

Street Art Barcelona Mar BellaSkate Park Poble Nou Metro

Street Art Mar Bella Skate Park Wanderlust Living McKenna
Shark Street Art barcelona Skate Park Wanderlust Living
Mar Bella Skate Park Street Art Barcelona
Skate Park Street Art Barcelona Hudson Wanderlust Living