My Running Playlist

My Running Playlist

I love running. I know that sounds crazy to so many people, but if you want the real truth, it’s mostly because I love music. And not just any type of music. I love high energy dance music. So, if you were ever wondering what type of music I run and workout to, here is my playlist for the Barcelona Half Marathon, as a perfect example.

Below is a list of some of my favorite artists, many of them fall under the EDM (electronic dance music) category, but don’t worry they are NOT the super heavy electronic or trance kind with no lyrics. All the songs I like have lyrics and will make you want to get up and move! Or I just totally lost you and this kind of music makes you want to stab your eyeballs out. If that is the case, then move along, this post is not for you.

Dance Music I Love

Many of these albums or songs are not new, while a few I mention are very new. The albums that are older, even I only just discovered them in the last two years or so, but it doesn’t matter if they are older, because if they are new to you then that’s all that matters!

Also, many of the songs are the faster remixes and not the original version, making them a bit more “pop” and a bit more mainstream, but that just helps to make them more tolerable for people that are not on drugs (LOL).

Okay here are three artists that pretty much every song I LOVE and can listen to their stuff the whole way through, which is saying something!

1. KYGO – A must. He is a Norweigan DJ that collaborates with all the mainstream artists you know. Both Cloud Nine & Kids in Love are pure GOLD. I want to marry KYGO.

2. AVICII – Brilliant. I was devastated when I found out he committed suicide just about a year ago. True and his last album Stories is one of my absolute favorites. So sad that he is gone.

3. GALANTIS – SO much fun. The entire The Aviary album is awesome. I love it ALL. (The song Hello – is literally my heart beating and Hey Alligator!)

A few Specific Songs

Happier – Marshmello & Bastille ** This song is brand new, but check out Marshmello you may like a few other songs of his. He collaborated with Selena Gomez on the song Wolves which is a good one too. Your kids might know who Marshmello is because he collaborated with Fortnite for his single Alone.

Promises by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith – This is new and so good.

Who We Are – FTampa – just discovered FTampa this year!

Born to Be Yours – KYGO and Imagine Dragons, KYGO with anyone is always amazing.

Chase You Down – Runaround

Without Me – Hasley / Illeminium Remix

Remind me to Forget – KYGO & Miguel Remix

Electricity – Dua Lipa (featuring Diplo & Mark Ronson)

Drive – Black Coffee & David Guetta – Black Coffee is HUGE in the EDM world and well I hope you’ve at least heard of David Guetta.

Sweet but Psycho – Morgan Page Remix – LOVE THIS SONG

I could go on and on…

This may not seem like a very personal post, but it actually is, because the music I listen to is like getting a free pass into my mind. So while I just wanted to share my running music in case you needed some new songs to add to your playlist and motivate you – this music actually resonates and speaks to me on many different levels. I don’t just listen to it while I run, but sometimes when I am working and writing as well.

In another life, I’m going to be a DJ. For sure.

Disclosure: I BUY all my music on itunes.

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