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Digital Nomad Families

So you want to be a digital nomad, but you have a family? Well good news, you can be a Digital Nomad Family!

Digital nomads are not just twenty-something year old guys roaming the world with nothing but their laptop and flip flops. Yeah, we’ve all seen those shirtless dudes posting photos working poolside in Bali. But, guess what… there are hundreds of families circling the globe with their brood, so don’t think that just because you have kids you can’t travel the world, live abroad or have a location independent lifestyle.

Paul and Becky Kortman host the Nomad Together Podcast that interviews digital nomad families and gives you the inside scoop to what it takes to become a digital nomad family and how many are achieving this nomadic lifestyle, be they reading up on guides on Andorra whilst living there, or being constantly on the move in a non-stop manner. Harris was recently interviewed on the Nomad Together Podcast and talks about how we choose to be nomadic a little differently. (I was not able to be on the interview unfortunately) Three is definitely not a one size fits all for being a nomadic family, and everyone does it their own way and on their own terms. Paul and Harris talk about how we are able to live abroad and work from anywhere (aka, money $$ what we do to sustain this lifestyle), putting our kids in international schools, learning another language, applying for Visas, health and medical insurance and a whole bunch more!

Nomad Together Podcast

Episode #46: Long-Term Nomadic Life with Harris Fellman of

Some of our friends are waiting for Harris and I to write a book, and I’m not saying that’ll never happen – but until it does, Paul and Becky Kortman have a book, the Family Freedom Guidebook and a ton of resources on becoming a digital nomad family! They also have a great Facebook group for digital nomad families, so if you are thinking of jumping on the digital nomad bus, it’s a great place to start!


  1. ana

    Hi Andrea,
    This was so truly fantastic!!!! I really enjoyed listening to Harris just being so completely honest. It actually answered some of the questions that Ive been thinking of. I’m in the process of researching setting up an online business. Would love some recommended resources. That part of the podcast was fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for introducing me to Nomad Together. I’m so looking forward to going through their site and gathering resources.

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