Meet Frankie, our new pet parakeet

Parakeets in Costa Rica Wanderlust Living

Living in Costa Rica we’ve had several animal encounters, this large scorpion probably tops the list of the most memorable, until this weekend.

As we were all hanging out in the pool after the kids got home from school Friday afternoon, this cute little parakeet flew into our backyard. He made is way around the pool cautiously but then went right up to Harris, drinking the water right off his arm. At first the kids were all a little too afraid to touch him but eventually made his way up onto everyone’s fingers, arms and heads!

Mckenna with Parakeet Costa Rica 2016

Parakeet in Costa Rica Hudson 1

Parakeet in Costa Rica Hudson 2

Parakeet in Costa Rica Wanderlust Living

Harris and the Parakeet Costa Rica

The BEST part of the afternoon was when Harris laid down and the bird flew onto his chest and started walking around, clearly thinking it was some sort of nest, and then jumped up onto his head!!

Keryn Means Walking On Travels Costa Rica Parakeet Wanderlust Living
Keryn Means Walking on travels Costa Rica and the Parakeet
My friend Keryn, Walking on Travels has been visiting us with her four year old son and the parakeet had no problem finding his way up onto her head or laptop either!

Parakeet Costa Rica Keryn Means Walking on Travels Wanderlust Living
Keryn took this amazing photo of her son looking at the parakeet on Harris’s head, which pretty much sums up the this hysterical afternoon perfectly.

Harris and the Parakeet Costa Rica Pool
This bird was not shy and way too comfortable with people, which made us think that it must have been someone’s pet and either they let him go or he may have got out. We named the bird Frankie, since we were unsure if it is male or female.

The bird stayed all night and ended up literally falling asleep on Harris’s shoulder and the next morning we found him curled up outside on our table sleeping. Harris and the kids have made it a little home on a ledge in our backyard. They put down a towel, filled a small container up with water and have been feeding it strawberries. And yes, it has pooped on almost all of us.

The second night we came home late and we couldn’t find Frankie and we were all a little sad. We thought perhaps maybe he had had enough of us or just went back home, but in the morning sure enough he was on the screen door chirping away!

So it’s official. We have a pet parakeet (apparently it could technically be a Lovebird) but either way we now have a frickin’ bird.

Andrea and the parakeet Costa Rica Parakeet on a book Costa Rica Wanderlust Living

Do you have a bird? Any tips or things we should know about?

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