Playing around on Sugar Beach in Costa Rica

While exploring the beaches of Costa Rica, I just had to hit up Playa Azucar or Sugar Beach. In my mind I imagined the sand to be as white as snow and literally look like granules of sugar, but sadly this was not the case. Every beach in Costa Rica is different and even though this did not exactly match what I had conjured up in my mind it was still a beach worth seeing.

This beach is not far from where we live and once you hit the paved road and start to climb up,  the drive is stunning. This beach is just before the well known and luxurious Las Catalinas and if you are not paying attention you might miss the turn.  This beach can only be accessed through the entrance to Hotel Sugar Beach so when you see that sign you turn in.  I missed it.  So if you get to Las Catalinas you have gone too far. The restaurant and beach are open to the public so when driving in, you just tell them at the gate that you are going to the beach or the restaurant.  We brought our friend Jake with us that day, who also helped navigate.


Sugar beach is very rocky, the rockiest beach I’ve seen so far. The kids liked walking on the rocks and watching the little pools fill up with water when the waves came in. Hudson loved this beach because once you got past the rocks the bottom was very flat and even. The waves would break further out and then the water would fill up the shallow area just before the rocks, like a giant bathtub.

I’d recommend this beach for older kids that might like the rocks and exploring, but it’s not ideal for toddlers. This beach is not a great body surfing beach but the scenery is beautiful and definitely a more private beach. Hotel Sugar Beach is steps from the sand and looks really cute, has a restaurant and a small but beautiful pool surrounded by lush green trees. The pool is for hotel guests only, we asked;)





 I absolutely love this last picture.




  1. Sue & Bob

    Great Photos – You sure have the flair for putting this together in such an exciting format.

    We’re planning on seeing you guys sometime after Christmas

  2. Maribel Reyes

    Awesome images, those waves look so inviting. I love that you explain that this beach is for older kids. That makes it perfect for us because we have a toddler. So I will save this beach in must visit list for in a few months when he is older and can manage walking around on his own without getting into trouble 🙂

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