Rio Celeste Waterfall Hike

Hiking to Rio Celeste waterfall in Costa Rica

Wearing an old pair of english wellies and hearing the squishing of the mud an muck with each step I took was all apart of the fun hiking to the Rio Celeste waterfall. If I’ve learned one thing while living in Costa Rica, it’s that anything worth getting to is going to be a bit of a challenge. Whether it’s a an unpaved bumpy dirt road or a slippery walk through mud – the journey is all apart of the experience, so embrace it.

Tenorio Volcano National Park Costa Rica

Tenorio Volcano National Park

It started to rain just as we arrived at the Tenorio Volcano National Park and I was a little unprepared, with no rain jacket or any jacket for that matter – I bought the $2 rain poncho that they had for sale. However, the plastic was so thin that it kept sticking to my skin, making me sweat even more. Not really keeping me dry I took it off and just enjoyed the cool rain instead of fighting it.

We entered the national park and the path was paved but as we walked deeper into the park this paved path disappears and your path is nothing more than the dark brown earth. The hike to the waterfall is pretty tame and you should feel very comfortable taking children, we saw plenty on the path and as I walked I wished mine were there to hike through the mud with me.

Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica Volcano Tenorio National Park

Rio Celeste Waterfall

The Rio Celeste waterfall is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in Costa Rica because of it’s electric blue water. It looks very unnatural although 100% natural. The river is blue because of sulphur and calcium carbonate mixing. You’ll know when you’re getting close, you’ll hear the loud rushing water and even feel a slight vibration of the water come over your body. There is a staircase you’ll be able to walk down to get closer to the waterfall and there is a large platform for picture taking.

Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica Family Travel

Once you make your way back up from the waterfall you can go back the way you came, or you can keep walking along the blue river and go to where it all begins. The place where the two rivers merge and the minerals from the river and the volcano mix together to make this beautiful blue water

This is a no brainer – keep going.

You’ve made it this far and there is so much more beauty to see! However, the hike does get a little more difficult, the path becomes very narrow in some spots and you’ll be grabbing onto trees to catch your balance. You’ll be stepping over and around tree stumps and branches, not to mention crossing some um…interesting hanging bridges.

As we trudged through parts of this muddy path the movie Never Ending Story popped into my head. If you remember the traumatic scene where they are walking through the forest and the horse gets stuck in the mud and begins to sink, well parts of the path looks a bit like that, but not as dark and creepy. Don’t worry, the beauty of Costa Rica surrounding you make you feel very safe and secure.

Rio Celeste Costa Rica Wanderlust Living

Laguna Azul Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Blue River in Costa Rica Wanderlust Living Travel

Rio Celeste Hike Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Blue River in Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Costa Rica River Bridge

Rio Celeste beginning Costa Rica

Once you get to the end or the beginning rather, you’ll see exactly where the sulphur and calcium carbonate mix, you’ll smell it too. Now, take a deep breath and look around. This is why you came to Costa Rica.


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