I’m going to run the Barcelona Marathon!


Barcelona Marathon

Well. I did it. I just registered for the Barcelona Marathon. HOLY. SHIT.

I have never ran a marathon.
I have only ran one half marathon, The Hollywood Half Marathon and that was about 6 years ago.

So, why am I doing this…?  Well, I have always wanted to run a marathon and for no real reason other than to say that “I’ve ran a marathon” I like running and all, but to run a FULL marathon!!?? I mean, 26 miles feels a bit excessive. BUT I’m going to do it and it’s not really the physical challenge that I’m after, it’s more a mental challenge for me.

The Barcelona Marathon is March 12th 2017 and so right now I have exactly 15 weeks to train.

This morning I printed out this First Marathon Training Schedule from Women’s Running and I went for a 5 mile run to think about it. I wanted to see how I felt afterwards, then make the decision. While running I came up with how I would decide.

A) If  I can run 5 miles under an hour then I have to sign up –  because clearly my running is pretty decent and with proper training I can totally do this.

B) If I cannot run 5 miles in 50 minutes then clearly I am not working hard enough and need to register to get my ass moving.


My time this morning for 5 miles was 51.55 – via the Strava App – which is awesome!

So I got home and the decision was made – I had to sign up.
See what I did there… I was registering no matter what I did.

Next year I turn 40 (September 24th) but if you know me, then you know that I will probably be celebrating my Birthday all year! Brace yourself. It will be #MyYearOf40 (not the official hashtag yet).

2016 pretty much tried to kick my ass and accomplishing this will prove to me that I didn’t let it.

March is also significant because that is when I sold Savvy Sassy Moms and declared my year of being a #LadyOf Leisure. Well, I suck at being a lady of leisure and this will keep my mind busy for the last few months.

It will also be celebratory of our move to Barcelona! The beginning was a little bumpy, so now I’m going to run all over this town and show it who’s boss.

I’m someone who needs big goals, a purpose, a project, a frickin’ gold star at the end of the day. I like challenges and if I have learned anything about myself over the last few months it’s that, and THAT IS OK. Reaching for something and going after things is the only way I know how to live. I have been trying to relax and take it easy, I’ve been enjoying life, our new city, meeting new people, traveling and working on a few things here and there – but without something major to focus on, I really start to lose my mind. So this will be a major focus for the next 15 weeks.

As it turns out – Harris will be in San Diego that weekend 🙁 Which is a BIG bummer that he will not be here to cheer me on, but it’s okay, he will be cheering me on and keeping me on my training schedule over the next 15 weeks.

So…. I am looking for a volunteer to come and watch my kids for 24 hours – while I carb load, sleep, run 26 miles, have a blood mary, a beer, a burger and then pass out. (In that exact order)

Please apply below.


  1. Angela

    OMG. My 40th is also next year, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to cross off the marathon bucket list item, too 🙂 So proud of you for taking on this challenge!

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