Run The World: Chamonix, France

Running in Chamonix, France

We went to Chamonix, France for Christmas to go snowboarding, but unfortunately there was a real lack of snow. However, it actually made for better running conditions for me! Since I am training for the Barcelona Marathon, I was worried about getting some runs in on our winter vacation, but since we skipped snowboarding some days I was able to run. {Sorry that the snowboarding sucks kids – but mom’s going running, see ya!} 

For me, running is the best way for me to really take in my surroundings.  I’m not distracted by what is on the itinerary, finding directions to where we are going, keeping a time schedule or the kids! Even if you are not a runner, I highly encourage you to make time to find a trail, walking path or street that allows you to look a little closer at where you are. I always find something that stops me in my tracks, literally.  

There is a fantastic walking path that runs along the L’Arve River that gives you some stunning views of Mont Blanc.Even though the entire mountain was not covered in snow, it was still gorgeous!  Especially on my way back while I was cutting through what looked like a small golf course, the field just opened up, the clouds hugged the top of Mont Blanc showing the beautiful blue sky. This is why I run. To see the world.

Running Chamonix France

If you are wondering, (how did you know where to go?). I didn’t. I always just set off not knowing where I am going, that’s half the fun. Seriously. I’ll occasionally look on my map before I head out the door and know the general direction I want to go, but for the most part I do no research and sometimes maps end up confusing me more. In Chamonix, the river runs right through the middle of town, so I knew there had to be some sort of walking trail along the river, so I just followed the river. 

I also take pictures along the way, which is actually a safety measure, so if I get lost or turned around I can find my way back. I also have my Strava app running, so I can look at that map too. If you’re not as adventurous as me, I did find this resource that has a bunch of helpful maps of Chamonix, France which includes not only town maps but hiking trail maps, cross country skiing, mountain biking, and even winter hiking/snowshoe trail maps.

Here is just some of what I saw while running in Chamonix, France. 🙂




Get out there – you’ll see so much more!


  1. Andrea

    Thank you – and Ha ha ha! Well, When in beautiful places like this I tend to stop to take lots of photos. So my running time always suffers a bit.

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