Why I signed up for B- School with Marie Forleo

So. I just enrolled in B-School with Marie Forleo and no I was not given some sort of blogger discount and I am not an affiliate of her B-School program {yet } Ha, ha, ha!

I joined this for me. 100% for me. I paid the $2,000 and I am so excited!

It took me a long time to get off the fence and pull the trigger, but I did it. I am posting this here because this relates to our lifestyle. Harris and I are able to live anywhere in the world because of our online businesses and we’d like it to stay that way.

I asked Harris his thoughts on me investing in this program, not because I need his absolute blessing and approval, but I asked him because he knows me and he knows the internet marketing space very well, in fact he runs in some of the same circles as Marie Forleo. Some might wonder why I don’t just learn some of this from him, but who wants to listen to their husband all day…?

Harris is wicked smart and much of my already online success can be attributed to him. He also knows first hand the challenges of the blogging business, because I am always bitching about it;)

His response to my B-School email when he was at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego:

You don’t need my permission. 🙂
But can we talk about it in person… just to look at the timing, the money, etc.

Here’s the bottom line though:
If you invest $2000… will you get $20,000 in return value, information, and/or income….

It’s your decision anyway and you have the money in your business account.
So, Harris posted in his “Internet Marketing Super Friends” {yes, that is the real name} private Facebook group that I was thinking about B-School and received an overwhelming response of comments, most of them all positive. He also received some private messages that were not so positive. He read all of them (the good, the bad and the ugly) out loud, as I sipped my coffee. Then we went to Yoga, grabbed some breakfast and I enrolled in B-School.

Why I joined B-School

I have a hard time explaining what it is I actually do.

I own Savvy Sassy Moms, an online magazine for Moms. I’m a blogger. I’m a writer. I am a content creator. I work on social media marketing campaigns. I have an online business. I have a website for Moms. I work with brands on marketing campaigns. I host Twitter parties. {What!?) We do product reviews . I never say this but… I am considered an “online influencer”. And if you looked at my inbox and saw the way I am approached daily, you’d probably say ohhhhh you’re a “mommy blogger”.

No, god damn it. I am not a mommy blogger. Unless of course by mommy blogger you mean; A really creative, hard-working, energetic, passionate woman who runs an online website for moms and has children. I am so hard-working that I do everything myself…yes, investing in web hosting like hostiserver would make my life a whole lot easier but I choose to work hard. Still think all of this comes under ‘mommy blogger’? Then yes I guess I am a mommy blogger.

My To-Do-List controls me

I have a daily To-Do list of 15 things everyday and I am pretty sure 90% of the things on that list are not pushing my business forward. I am doing A LOT of things, some of which I love and some of which I think are the right things but my days leave me feeling frustrated.

I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time.

I am sent opportunities daily and most of these are just distractions pulling me in directions I am not sure I want to go.

I feel I am spread to thin.

I cannot seem to figure out a rhythm or system for my business.

There is a flaw in the Business of Blogging

There is a flaw in the business of blogging, or at least there is in mine. I have been blogging and running Savvy Sassy Moms for six years now. I feel successful in many ways but I also feel very unsuccessful at growing my business. I always think to myself, if I was on Shark Tank how would I represent my business and what would I value it as….? The sharks would eat me ALIVE. How does someone evaluate a business based in “influence”. I am pretty sure they would want more than my Twitter analytics;)

I want to double my income

Yes, my business is profitable, but I feel for the time and energy I put into my business I should be making way more. I know I could monetize my blog better, but there are some things I am not willing to do to make more money on my blog. One of them being sponsored post after sponsored post, I limit the amount of sponsored content on my website for a reason. I don’t want it to turn into an infomercial. There are other ways to make money online and I want to explore these ideas. I realize that if I want to make more money I may need to think about other revenue streams and be open to other online ventures.

I want to be a person of value

I hesitate to call myself an expert, but I do know some shit. People want to “pick my brain” all the time and I want to share what I know and help them, really I do. But my knowledge and time has value and I need to believe in my value.

“I want to be a person of value” this is a quote I heard on a podcast and it has stuck with me. I struggle with defining my purpose,  but each time I think about it – I come back to this quote.

I need smart women in my life

A big reason I joined B-school is for the community and to meet new people, I’m not going to lie. That’s an expensive girls club, I know. But I thrive on other creative successful women and collaborating with them. Support and accountability is also something that I need. I do actually have this within the blogging community right now and it is one of the key reasons I have been successful. They constantly make me want to raise my game and I am grateful for these women.

Most importantly, I have this constant feeling of being “stuck in potential”.  Like, I have so much potential, but I haven’t quite figured out how to effectively propel my potential into MORE.

Now, will B-School help me to get out of potential mode and be the right thing for me?

I don’t know. But I am willing to give it a go!


  1. Alison | Sassy Moms in the City

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes! You are not alone in how you feel. It’s a constant struggle to maximize your potential. I was pretty good at this until I had kids. Not sure what happened but my motivation to run an “empire” took a backseat. I should definitely be making more money and streamlining my business but there are days all I want to do is throw that to-do list in the garbage and just experience life a little more. Good luck with your classes!!

  2. Andrea

    I think it is a great course for beginners in starting an online business, however, I had already been running a business and for a long time been learning about internet marketing and had a pretty solid understanding of most things she covered. It was great to go through it as a refresher and to pick up a few things, but for me, I was a little bit too advanced for the material. I will say the community groups and forums are really valuable as well, which go on forever. I am in the B-school Facebook group and you can learn a lot just by being in there and you can also pick up many ideas, clients, suggestions, feedback and resources! Like most things, it’s all about how much you put in and how you leverage the contacts and information! Good luck deciding.

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