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Weekly Wanderlust Finds: Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad


Weekly Wanderlust Finds

This week while I was wandering around the internet I found some things that were pretty awesome and so I thought I should share with you!  I’m keeping it short and sweet, because there is SO much stuff on the internet and giant lists and slideshows drive me crazy.  My brain cannot consume all that information and I know I’d love it if someone would just give me a few cool things at a time. So this is my attempt to just give you five things that hopefully either help you, inspire you or get you thinking about the next destination you want to travel to. And if nothing else, at least these things are pretty 🙂


Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad

Yum! Love this Moroccan chickpea quinoa salad by Little Spice Jar. Not only is it pretty but it’s packed with protein power! This salad has 7 easy ingredients and a simple honey-lemon dressing. Make this to take to work or bring as a side dish to your next get together.



The Beach Lodge, California USA

If you have plans for an epic California road trip up and down the coast, then be sure to add this to your places to stay along the way! The Beach Lodge is a stylish beach house that can accommodate up to eight people. It is located in Oxnard, California between Santa Barbara and Malibu – so you get the beach front location without the heavy price tag and you can day trip to the Malibu beaches and explore Santa Barbara.
The Beach Lodge is available to rent through AirBnB.


Handmade Moroccan Basket

I love Moroccan home decor because it always adds a pop of color to any room or space. This handmade moroccan basket is medium in size so it can be placed on a bookshelf for decoration, used as a plant holder or in a bathroom for storage of small toiletries. You can get this and other fun home items from (A Canadian Shop)


Blood Orange Margarita

I’m always looking for a new twist on the classic margarita and this one looks like the perfect combination. You’ll definitely want to whip up a batch of these for your next taco night! This Blood Orange Margarita was created by With Wit and Salt, a blog you don’t want to miss!


Leather Metallic Glasses Case

Have you seen an eyeglass or sunglass case that looked so simple, yet so chic? They’re just too cute to resist! These leather metallic sunglass cases are from Annie Bukhman’s shop over on Etsy. Buy one for you and one for a friend for that next girls getaway.


Weekly Wanderlust Finds: Moroccan Chickpea Quinoa Salad
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48 hours in Mexico City!

I met another expat mom and fellow travel writer, Katja Gaskell from at a blog conference last year. We’ve known each other in the online world for awhile but had never met in real life. She is a British mom who has been living in Mexico City for four years and before moving to Mexico City her family lived in India. I’ve always been intrigued with Mexico City, it’s SO BIG and I’ve always heard the food is amazing!

Katja encouraged me to come visit her and since we would both be going on the same writing trip to Merida, Mexico later that year, I added two extra days to my trip to get a quick taste of Mexico City. This is a Mexico City weekend guide for anyone that has limited time and wants to know some of the quick highlights and most importantly, where a local eats!

Mexico City Weekend Guide

Mexico City has several neighborhoods all with their own distinct personality and I was staying in the neighborhood of Condesa, a trendy little neighborhood with lots of popular restaurants, shops and buildings being renovated with new modern apartments. Condesa also sits right next to Roma another charming neighborhood with so much going on it is now split as Roma Norte and Roma Sur. Roma is also a popular area for restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping. The three other neighborhoods I was able to experience were the cobblestone streets of Coyoaćan, the historic El Centro and the posh streets of Polanco (aka the Beverly Hills of Mexico City).

Parque Mexico & Parque España

The first morning we took a walk through Parque Mexico & Parque Espana and I was both thrilled and a little shocked to see such a tropical oasis in Mexico City, it  made me feel right at home like I was back in Costa Rica! There were so many people walking their dogs, jogging and even working out at an outdoor gym right in the park.

Katja told me that the walkway is in the middle of Parque Mexico goes around in a complete circle, because it used to be an old horse track. Hearing this, made me get up the next morning to go for a run. Is it weird that this might have been one of my favorite things I did in Mexico City!?

The sun was just coming up when I left and it was lightly raining, so running in between all the lush green plants and the rain sprinkles hitting my face was so refreshing! I also watched as the city woke up, parents walking their kids to school, people walking their dogs and coffee shops just opening their doors. The benefit of getting out early is that you really get to see the city as it wakes up.

Lalo Mexico City

Our first stop for food was at Lalo! in the Roma Norte neighborhood. A colorful restaurant with a long community style table running right down the middle of it. This place was buzzing and as we made our way to our seats my eyes were darting around the table looking at all the gorgeous plates of food! We both ordered the chilaquiles. And this was my FIRST time having chilaquiles – shocking I know! This was not only an impressive presentation but incredible in taste too! I am sure my next plate of chilaquiles will never be as good as this one.


Coyoaćan, Mexico City

It took a solid 20 minute cab ride from Roma Norte to the Coyoaćan area. Here you will find Casa Azul, the Frido Kahlo Museum. I have always admired Frida Kahlo for living a life with such passion and fortitude while living in such pain. The museum is the actual home where she lived with her husband, Diego Riviera, the famous Mexican muralist. You get to take a tour through their home and see exactly how they lived. It is a small gallery and museum with a nice courtyard outside. One of my favorite parts of the museum was seeing her dresses and the restrictive corsets she would have to wear underneath them. I could not imagine the pain she went through everyday.

From Casa Azul I walked just a few blocks down to the Parque Coyoaćan where I sat for awhile and just watched people go by. This is an older neighborhood and where you’ll see more traditional Mexico, with street vendors and the large Mercado de Coyoaćan. As I wondered around the cobblestone streets I stumbled into Casa de Luna, a small boutique filled with unique artisan crafts, pottery, jewelry and small gifts.


La Celestina & PAN

La Celestina is a small cafe where I stopped for a drink and tried their spicy mango Mezcal. I sat inside facing the street but behind me was a small lounge area with library style decor. From there I went inside PAN to drool over all the pastries and baked goods. Sugary goodness for DAYS and it was packed inside.

Mexico City Tree of Life Sculpture Wanderlust Living
Tree Of Life

I was so happy to accidentally run right into a “Arboles de la Vida!” (tree of life). I was a little lost and ready to find a cab when suddenly I saw this gigantic piece of art. Only later did I learn that a tree of life is a traditional clay sculpture that used to depict specific stories of the bible, but now many of the modern creations have simple themes that have no relation to bible stories. Sometimes getting a little lost can be a good thing!

La Capital Restaurant Condesa Mexico City

La Capital Restaurante

Hello incredible food. If there is one place you should eat in Mexico City it is La Capital. I did not take many food photos because I was too busy enjoying the food and conversation with the fabulous group of people Katja assembled for dinner. I managed to take a few photos, but they just do not do the food justice so I prefer not to show them. You’ll just have to trust me (and Katja) and get here yourself.


El Centro, Mexico City

Apparently you cannot go to Mexico City and not see the Zocalo, the center of Mexico City and one of the largest squares in the world. Truth be told, the only reason I wanted to see it was because of the spectacular opening scene of the celebration of día de muertos in the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. We walked around the Zocalo a bit and went inside the Metropolitan Cathedral but then quickly moved on to the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Palaciao de Bellas Artes is a performing arts theatre and the inside is well known for it’s art deco style of arcitecture. It also has several beautiful murals displayed inside including the famous and controversial “Man at the Crossroads” by Diego Rivera. If you are lucky enough to see a performance here, you will see the one and only stage curtain that is not actually a curtain, but made a foldable panel made of all stained glass weighing 24 tons!  However, you don’t have to have tickets to a show to see this, there are paid guided tours of the palace which includes seeing the stained glass curtain.


Downtown Hotel Green Living Wall Mexico City
Downtown Hotel

Three reasons to visit the Downtown Hotel, the unique shops on the second floor, the vertical garden or living green wall at Padinos and the beautiful trees that fill the courtyard in Azul Restaurant. You do not have to be staying at the hotel to go inside, you can of course dine at Padinos or Azul Restaurant, but we just took our time browsing the gorgeous shops and marveling at the beauty of the courtyard.


Polanco, Mexico City

After our little speed tour of the El Centro area Katja dropped me off in Polanco to fend for myself. Known as the Beverly Hills of Mexico City, this place was quite the scene. The streets are filled with expensive luxury cars and valet drivers running her and there. The sidewalks are lined with trendy cafes and the finest restaurants. Everyone here is dressed to impress. Men were getting their shoes shined while having lunch meetings and tables were filled with stylish women that looked like they just stepped off the cover of a magazine. I found a cozy sidewalk cafe to sit and have a glass of wine and watch as the important people of Mexico City went by. Both satisfying and entertaining.

I also wandered into the beautiful El Péndulo Cafe & Bookstore where you could see more locals browsing the books, on their laptops and getting their afternoon coffee fix.

Lardo Mexico City


We actually stopped into Lardo in the morning to grab a coffee and pastry before jumping in a cab to start the day. Which is why the bar is empty and I was able to get this photo, but when we went back at night this place was packed! Lardo is one of the hottest restaurants in Mexico City. This is chef Elena Reygadas’ second restaurant in Mexico City, her first is the popular Italian restaurant Rosetta. Luckily Katja and her husband frequent this place a lot, so we were able to grab a spot at the bar just as one was opening up. We shared small plates, a bottle of wine (or two) and chatted while watching the chefs in action right in front of us.

Mexico City has always been on my must see list, I know that I only scratched the surface on this quick trip, but I covered a lot of ground thanks to my friend Katja. Having a local guide you is like having a fast pass to some of the best of the best. 48 hours in Mexico City was just enough to make me want to come back for more!


48 hours in Mexico City!
Barcelona August 30, 2016 posted by

We found the best brunch in Barcelona!

As an American, we are told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so naturally I’m always looking for a good place to grab a healthy breakfast to start my day. However, since moving to Barcelona I’ve quickly realized they don’t do breakfast, they do brunch in Barcelona and oh do they do brunch WELL.

This summer brunch has been a real family affair, but McKenna has really been my brunch partner in crime. I’ve enjoyed our one-on-one time devouring the perfect brunch plates, and the fun we have stopping to snap pictures before we dig in. I’m going to miss our brunch dates when she heads to school next week, but that just means I’ll have to save some of the our research for the weekends.

Here are six places for the best brunch in Barcelona (so far). There are plenty more places to explore,  so this will not be my only post on brunch in Barcelona, trust me.

Brunch in Barcelona

PICNIC Brunch Barcelona Pancakes Wanderlust Living

Picnic is located right near the Arc de Tromf on the very edge of El Born, which makes this a great stop if you are near the arch, Parc de la Ciutadella or are heading to the Barcelona Zoo with the kids. They have a fabulous eggs Benedict as well as these delicious pancakes that our kids begged us to go back for. It’s actually all in the peanut butter sauce that comes with the pancakes, so make sure you ask for this specifically because sometimes they just give you regular syrup. We simply asked for “mantequilla de mani” and they understood what we wanted. Yum!

Picnic Barcelona


Hammock Juice Bar Barcelona Wandellust Living


Well you really cannot pass by Hammock without tilting your head to the side to say “Are those hammocks hanging in there?” Yup.  This vegan juice bar caught my eye not just because of the hammocks but because it’s NOT a Panderia or bakery with carbs and sugar.  I have been looking for a restaurant with an acai bowl, and well, they have one and it’s BEAUTIFUL. They also have a nice avocado on toast that McKenna inhaled before I could even snap a photo. Take the kids for smoothies and stay and swing awhile!

Hammock Juice Station



HELLO stylish little brunch and bistro! This lovely place is right on Passeig Sant Joan and it’s fantastic! After landing in Barcelona, I started to crave eggs and a “real breakfast.” I found Firebug and it was as if the gates of brunch heaven opened wide! Their Mediterranean Avocado Toast was devine. They have an upstairs dining room that is chic and comfortable, and plenty of room for larger parties too!

Firebug Barcelona


Sally Sucra barcelona Brunch Strawberry Pancakes Wanderlust Living

This little gem of a place might be my new favorite spot! Not only does it serve some yummy brunch treats but it has a cool area upstairs to chill and relax in. McKenna and I went all in for a strawberry brunch last week and boy were we impressed. The strawberry sauce and ice cream on the waffles was pure perfection. More of a dessert obviously, but WOW. They also have eggs and bacon so you can get some protein here too.

Sally Sucra


Mamas Cafe Gracia Barcelona


Not only have I been trying to find eggs for breakfast in Barcelona but some GREENS too. I not only found eggs but some beautiful asparagus at Mama’s Cafe in Grácia. The narrow streets of Grácia are filled with quaint little cafes and shops, you can easily get lost wondering around for hours. I happened upon Mama’s Cafe while just looking on my Google map, and the photos looked good so we decided to check it out. Mama’s Cafe looks like a very small restaurant from the street but has a nice garden patio in the back with more seating, so be sure to inquire if it looks packed in the front.

Mama’s Cafe


Epicerie Barcelona Brunch


McKenna and I stumbled upon this little corner cafe on accident. It just magically appeared moments after I said “Let’s find a place for coffee and a little bite to eat.” This is a beautifully decorated modern cafe with large comfy blue chairs. I loved the vibe in here and what I loved even more was that they had just a little bit more than the typical croissants and usual offerings. They had the perfect sized avocado on toast and freshly squeezed orange juice for Mckenna, and a multigrain roll with ham and cheese with a decent fruit cup for us to share.

Epicerie Barcelona
Eating all this was a lot of work, but I do it all for you! You’re welcome.


Follow me on Instagram as I find more great food, style and life in Barcelona!

We found the best brunch in Barcelona!
Costa Rica July 6, 2016 posted by

My Daily Fix: Surf Box, Playa Flamingo

Surf Box Playa Flamingo Costa Rica Wanderlust Living
Surf Box, Playa Flamingo

If you’re visiting the beaches of Guanacaste, Costa Rica or staying around the Playa Flamingo area and need a coffee fix, you’ll definitely want to stop at Surf Box. Chances are you’ll find me and my husband hanging out there, along with a bunch of other local expats. This is our neighborhood Starbucks, but SO much better.

Surf Box has only been open for about six months but has quickly become the hot spot in our little beachside community. The owners are an adorable expat couple, Dan and Natasha. Dan is from New York City and Natasha is originally from Montreal. They opened Surf Box out of Dan’s frustration to find a decent cup of coffee and a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy it. Natasha thought there was also a need for fresh, healthy food that she was used to in Montreal, not to mention a place to just get a good quality bagel.

To my surprise, neither one of them has ever owned or operated a restaurant before, but this idea for a great coffee shop and cafe just kept coming back to them. Finding a location was a challenge but when they happened upon a small space right off  the main road they immediately saw the potential.

The restaurant interior is small, like a little box, with only five tables – but it’s totally air conditioned! This is exciting for those of us that need to escape the heat and get a little work done from our laptops. Restaurants in Costa Rica are mostly all open-air, so finding one with four walls and air conditioning can be more difficult than you might think.

There is also a patio outside that has three large community style tables for sharing or for larger groups. You can order your espresso and sip it right at the counter or order anything off their menu to go. You can leave a book or take a book from the Surf Box community bookshelf (color coded of course).

So great, the restaurant is cute, but what about the food!? Well, that’s even better!

The menu might be small but it’s packed with goodness. For breakfast I am always torn between the Acai bowl and The Mexicana, fluffy scrambled eggs covered in pico de gallo with jalapenos piled on a piece of thick,multi-grain bread. They also make some pretty insane tasting french toast, waffles and have a variety of delicious smoothies. For lunch I always go for the tropical shrimp tacos, but the quinoa salad is tasty too! You really can’t go wrong with any of their food. Trust me, I think I’ve had everything!


Surf Box has become our second home and we can’t go to Surf Box without seeing at least three people we know. Which actually makes it hard to get anything done, because you end up just talking to everyone. Ahhh the beauty of small town living…

Follow SurfBoxCR on Instagram to get your daily dose of “good eats, good coffee and good vibes”!

My Daily Fix: Surf Box, Playa Flamingo
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Ciudad Lounge, Granada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Granada Nicaragua Wanderlust Living

Anyone passing by might mistake the Ciudad Lounge for a globally inspired furniture store, and that’s because almost everything in the restaurant is for sale. The space is filled with an eclectic mix of  wooden tables and chairs, bookshelves, ceramic vases, candles, sculptures and large statues. Fabric as red as a matador’s cape are perfectly draped on the backs of the barstools, just barely skimming the floor.

The Ciudad Lounge in Granada, Nicaragua is oozing with charm and is a little off the beaten path. You will not find it along the popular Calle La Calzada, which is packed with tourists. Well worth the short walk or cab ride away from the crowds. The Ciudad Lounge is an eclectic mix of local artisan store, restaurant, wine bar and cigar lounge. We walked from our hotel, Hotel La Dulce and went for an early dinner since it was a cocktail lounge and we weren’t sure about bringing the kids.

Traveling with kids doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the cool places, it just means you go a little earlier so you don’t fee awkward or make anyone else feel awkward. Luckily our kids have traveled enough and know that Mom does not miss out on good food and wine simply on their account.

Granada Nicaragua Travel with Kids Ciudad Lounge Wanderlust Living

Ciudad Lounge Granada Nicaragua Statue
We were shown to the garden patio for a pre dinner drink. The Chef’’s wife, Noemi, chatted with us for a bit and we quickly learned that they used to live in San Diego and had a restaurant there before coming back to Granada to open the Ciudad Lounge. Talking with her I could feel the passion and intense love that they have put into their restaurant. It’s not only their home but how they have designed their life, being surrounded by the things they love.

Everyone should be so lucky to live a life they love.

Ciudad Lounge Chefs Table Ganada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Kitchen Granada Nicaragua

Noemi and Chef Puro treated us like honored guests from the moment we arrived, ignoring the fact that Hudson was wearing flip flops, Harris had on sandals and McKenna took off her shoes. Clearly she felt right at home.

In fact, Chef Puro invited us back to the kitchen to sit at the chef’s table and let the kids poke around the kitchen. He had a beautiful display of fresh ingredients and cooking essentials scattered around a table. He even put an apron on Hudson. We were the only ones in the place and so we got the VIP treatment, but I honestly believe this is how they treat everyone who enters their home.

No matter where you come from or how your dressed, they’re just glad you came.

Chef Puro and Noemi have a way of putting their arms around you, welcoming you into their world and making it so you never want to leave. Whether you come for the wine, whisky, a cigar or dinner you’ll leave having shared a taste of their life.

Ciudad Lounge.

Ciudad Lounge Chef Puro Granada Nicaragua

Ciudad Lounge Restaurants in Granada Nicaragua Wanderlust Living

Ciudad Lounge granada Nicaragua Restaurants Wine Bar

Have you been to Granada, Nicaragua?

Ciudad Lounge, Granada Nicaragua
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The $1.25 cup of ceviche in Panama City

Ceviche Fish Market Panama City

The fresh fish stunk. Our kids had their noses buried in their shirts, and all I could see was my daughter’s eyeglasses desperately looking for a way out. It was our last day in Panama City, and there was only one last thing I wanted to do — eat the fresh ceviche from the Mercado de Pescado. It had rained that morning, and the sun came out just in enough time for us to venture out for lunch. However, the humidity of the rain and the warm sun made the fish market pretty steamy and stinky!

I had read that eating at the Mercado de Pescado was a must — even President Obama stopped to have fresh cup of fish when he visited Panama. We arrived at the fish market around 11:45, and it appeared it was just opening up due to the downpour that had happened that morning. We were with another family with three kids and clearly none of our kids wanted fish, but we thought perhaps the restaurants right next to the market might have other things on the menu besides fish. Why I or we thought that, I have no idea.

So we went around the corner, and we were pretty much the first customers — and the only tourists — in sight. I walked up to the lady signaling for us to come and sit at her restaurant and proceeded to ask, “Pescado solamente?” No pollo?” realizing this was so ridiculous as I said it. This lady must have thought I was completely insane for even asking her if she had chicken. She said something back in Spanish I didn’t fully understand, but I am sure it was probably something like, “Um, lady you are at the FISH MARKET, why the hell would we have chicken?”

The rain started to pick up. I went back to buy my cup of ceviche from one of the vendors, so we could get the hell out of there and find food for the five hungry kids trying not to gag. At this point I was feeling pretty guilty about dragging everyone on a $20 van ride to the fish market just so I could get my $1.25 cup of ceviche.

The ceviche was Ahhh-mazing — some of the best damn ceviche I’ve ever had — but it was hard for me to enjoy since everyone else was standing hungry in the rain.

We started to walk toward an area we knew would have some restaurants, but the rain started to come down even harder!  We ran across the busy street and tucked under what looked like a strip mall made of tables, tents and tin roofs. We huddled under this alley of tables selling auto parts, electronics, random tools and life jackets, and we decided we should just flag down a cab and go back to the hotel. There I was still holding my $1.25 ceviche, as my husband Harris stood in the rain trying to flag down two taxis for all of us.

On the drive back to the hotel, I couldn’t help laughing at the scene that just occurred: a bunch of gringos asking for chicken at the Fish Market, darting across the highway in the rain, and meandering through an auto parts street market all for my $1.25 cup of ceviche, which when all was said and done, cost us around $41.25.


*The Mercado de Pescado is still a must see and do in Panama City, it is also apart of the very nice Avienda Balboa, which usually sells hot dogs and other fun treats for kids, when it’s not raining:) More to come on what to do in Panama City!

The $1.25 cup of ceviche in Panama City
Costa Rica May 9, 2014 posted by

Our favorite little shack in Costa Rica


You know that theme song from Cheers…. “You wanna go where everyone knows your name” well The Shack is that place.

The Shack is the neighborhood hang out and the owner and the staff is practically starting to feel like family.  The Shack is about 2 blocks from the beach in the town of Surfside and right on the shiny new paved road that goes through to Potrero, you can’t miss it.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday – Sunday and are closed on Mondays.  We eat here probably twice a week, it’s by far one of our favorite places to catch a bite to eat.  There are no paper menus, the menu is written on chalk boards and doesn’t change too much.  One of the things we like best about this restaurant is that the food is consistent and good every single time.  They also put up with our simple requests for substitutions.  The kids like to come here because of the hammocks and the foosball table.


Breakfast at the shack includes all you can drink coffee and is free with an order of breakfast. The coffee station sits at the end of the bar and it’s help yourself.  They have a great breakfast menu that even includes gluten free pancakes! McKenna always orders the breakfast burrito, which is huge and usually only eats about half. I usually go with the typical Tico breakfast.



Best Damn Nachos in Guanacaste

I have tried a lot of nachos in Costa Rica, I am pretty much becoming a Nacho Connoisseur.  For some reason they are everywhere here, but The Shack makes the best of the bunch!  Others may claim they have the biggest, but that does not mean they are the best.  I crave The Shack’s nachos much like I crave the fish tacos at Las Catalinas.  The baby size is plenty for one person and the Grande is perfect for sharing.

They also have a variety of entertainment on the weekends that includes open mic night, reggae night,  a few local bands and popular musicians.  They even host Bingo nights to support the local charity Abriendo Mentes.

You can find them on Facebook for hours, news and local updates. Shoes not required.








Our favorite little shack in Costa Rica
Costa Rica September 10, 2013 posted by

Lola’s on the beach in Avellanas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not known for it’s mind blowing cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some really great food.  You just have to look a little harder and maybe drive a little further. Lola’s is one of the best beach side restaurants and sort of famous, because it has been around for almost 15 years! Many places, especially restaurants in Costa Rica seem to come and go.

I also heard about a local goat and dairy farm on the way to Avellanas that sells all types of cheese, milk and greek yogurt.  So on Saturday we made a day of getting to Lola’s and stopping to check out the dairy farm on the way. (more on the dairy farm later)


Avellanas is not far from the popular town of Tamarindo.  Once you start to get into Avellanas the drive is on an un-paved, very bumpy and a pot hole filled road.  To which I said “Well, all shitty roads in Costa Rica lead to something great.” and Lola’s proved my theory yet again. Lola’s is directly on the beach, has large tables with thatched roof canopy’s, a great bar, hammocks, fantastic food and an incredible view of the beach.


This was some of the best food I’ve had in Costa Rica and the service was fantastic. The ceviche was insane.  I actually haven’t had a bad  batch of ceviche since I’ve been in Costa Rica, it’s pretty amazing almost anywhere you go, but Lola’s might have been my favorite so far. You must also order the Hawaiian Poke, which was tuna shasimi, a little mixed slaw, soy sauce, and wasabi served with a side of pita bread.  It was heavenly.  The kids ordered a gigantic cheese pizza and it was so big we had to take half of it home.  McKenna ordered the nachos  and it was another large portion, perfect for sharing. The nachos were really great too.  Of course good food comes with a price,  but so worth it.



The beach is great for kids of all ages, with a very large shallow walk in for little ones and nice size waves for older kids.
You can also take surf lessons on this beach.


Harris fell asleep in the hammock.  Which tells you how relaxing this place was.

Lola’s on the beach in Avellanas, Costa Rica