The Fy! Shopping App is Crazy Good

Living in Europe takes some getting used to, and I think I am finally embracing it and starting to seek out what Europe truly has to offer as far as cool products, brands, and shopping goes.

When moving abroad you just try to set up a makeshift home as quickly as possible, throw some things in the apartment and call it “good enough for now”! That’s because expat living is usually temporary, but after we decided to make Barcelona home, a shift started happening. I have now begun to dive deeper and look for things of more quality, more style, and longevity.

Which brings me to the first thing I am going to tell you about, the Fy! shopping app, and it’s amazing! (And it’s not just for my fellow Europeans;)  They ship WORLDWIDE, for FREE. 

Perhaps you have already heard about this App and I have been living under a rock / Europe – but hey, it’s new to me!

Fy! Shopping App

I discovered the Fy! shopping app while I was on the hunt for a new rug. I cannot for the life of me find stylish rugs here in Barcelona, either they are cheap, ugly, way too traditional or they cost a million dollars. I have seen plenty of rugs I want via Instagram, Pinterest, and on home design blogs, but sadly many of these companies only ship within the United States.

Then I stumbled upon Fy! – or it was put in my face via Facebook because of my internet searches, but I’m not mad, the internet understood my struggle, and they presented me with a fantastic option.

Fy! is a very well curated app with modern products for the home and your awesome life. I was mostly looking at all the home products, but they also have cool tech gadgets, wall art prints, beauty products, travel bags and other unique accessories.

I saw the Marrakech Rug and instantly fell in LOVE. I obsessed about it for two weeks, then finally ordered it.

Shopping ONline

As you know, shopping online can be a gamble, because what if the quality is not as good as it looks or what if the hassle to return it is just a nightmare waiting to happen! And Spain adds a whole other level of shipping uncertainty, trust me.

However, after reading all the reviews on Fy! from people that received their products, and how happy they were and that the delivery really was as fast as they say it is, I ordered the rug.

I then silently prayed that it would not end up in Spanish customs for six weeks, or that I wouldn’t be charged some crazy import fees when the delivery man showed up at my door (which has happened before) but mostly I just hoped the rug was as lovely as it appeared and didn’t smell.

My rug showed up about 10 days later, and OMG I FRICKIN’ LOVE IT.

The Fy! shopping app is probably the easiest online shopping experience I have ever encountered and the customer communication is perfection. I’ve never been sent so many emails about the status of an item in my life. I even received a text message telling me the exact date my item was going to arrive, and then again that very morning.

Welcome to Fy! The most intuitive shopping app on earth. Inspired by you, made for you. Discover stuff you actually want and shop on your own terms. A world of emerging brands in your pocket. Get in and go! – Fy! (So TRUE)

It’s not just a mobile App, you can also shop from your desktop/laptop via their website, but the App is so sexy! It’s actually so easy to buy from this app that I almost bought a chair on accident. Fy! is a German brand (of course it is) and based in Berlin.

I am quickly learning that Germans really do excel at building things and living in Europe will be just fine, so many new things to discover!

a few More Fun Products I like/ WANT

This Honeycomb Shelf would look very cool in an office or a kids room. It also comes in black.

I need this backpack in my life. It’s reversible. It comes in other colors too.

This is the cutest fanny pack – perfect for travel or ALL MY dog walking;)

I want to try these masks – who couldn’t use a little lift! Love the branding.

Digging these Alpine Abstract Prints!

Very cool oak phone charger – A great gift for my brother

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Fy! and this is not a sponsored post and I am not an affiliate – I just love smart companies, stylish products and brands that make my life easier!

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