Our morning routine in Costa Rica


Morning Hudson.

Morning Jack.


Morning Canela.


Oh! Hello random toad in the house.

Our typical day starts at 5:30am when the alarm clock goes off and the sun starts beaming into our bedrooms.  The first thing I do is make coffee, because at this point I cannot even form a sentence without it. I like to sit outside and drink my first cup poolside and try to wrap my brain around what I need to do that day.  The dogs always come up to me waging their tails and want their morning lovin’ from Mom. And on occasion we’ll wake up and find an animal in our house, like this gigantic toad.

The kids are up, dressed and eating breakfast by 6:00am We do the whole morning routine just like any other family, the staling, the whining and the occasional outburst (usually from me). Our kids wear a uniform so getting dressed is not complicated, except for the brushing of the teeth and asking them to put their socks and shoes on repeatedly. We are out the door at about 6:50 to drive down our mountain and pick up Florian. The road down our mountain takes about 6 minutes and then depending on “traffic” aka cattle crossing or other random road delays, about another 15 minutes on a paved road to get to the kids school.



The view from coming down off our mountain road.


Florian is a boy from Canada that is living in Costa Rica for one year with his Mom, she took a one year sabbatical.  Canadians get to just do that. They do not have a car and we go right past their house on the way to school, so in the beginning of the year they asked if we could pick him up on the way, and we said “Yes, of course!” Florian speaks, English, French and is now learning Spanish, it’s fun to listen to his sweet voice and his accent. Hudson and Florian have become good friends and they take Tennis lessons together. Picking up Florian is a very small part of our day but one that I have enjoyed. Something would just be missing each morning if we did not turn the corner, pass the fruit stand and see Florian and his Mom standing by the side of the road waiting at the “bus stop”.

School starts at 7:30am and we always get there a little early, which the kids like and it works for our family. Rushing stresses everyone out and so we’ve learned to just be early, it makes our lives so much better. We see a few other parents that are their early too or we wave at the parents driving in as we are going out. You start to get to know people here by the car that they drive, but not like in the states.  You know them because they drive a beat up Toyota 4 Runner just like you, or they always have surf boards on top, or they have a orange Land Cruiser. The car situation here is both funny and frustrating, that’s for sure! (an entirely different post, that will come soon)

Driving back from school drop off in the morning is actually a pleasant drive.  It’s a 20 minute drive of silence. Ahhhh!  We drive an old 1995 Four Runner, the radio doesn’t work, and even if it did it would all be in Spanish. Which is fine, nothing wrong with Spanish music but that early in the morning, it would just be unnecessary noise.  The air doesn’t work either but in the morning driving with the windows down is refreshing, but not so much by the afternoon.

I am are back home before 8:00am and then I either get sucked into my laptop or I go for a morning hike, but it all depends on the day and how I let it unfold.




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