We may have a scorpion problem…


We had some friends house sitting for us over Christmas and she got bit by a scorpion:(  She put on her jean shorts that she left on the floor and she felt something on her back, so she put her hand back there to scratch, itch or see what was going on.  Well, that itch was something moving and it stung her finger as she swatted it off her back.  She ran around the house screaming as her husband tried to figure out what the hell was going on.  Later when we returned home they re-enacted this scene for us and it was quite amusing.

Scorpion bites in Costa Rica have a serious sting and will swell but they are not deadly.

“Scorpions are feared in many regions for having a painful and dangerous sting. In Central America alone, there are over 400 species of scorpions. Scorpions with deadly poison do exist in other places, but not in Costa Rica. While the sting site may hurt or swell for a short time, none of the 14 species found here are dangerous.”  AnywhereCostaRica.com

Before this incident , we have only found one other scorpion in the house and it was very  thin and much smaller in size.  Our maid found it in the sink.  Scorpions like dark, damp places.

Later that weekend I then picked up two damp towels from the floor to find this gigantic scorpion pictured!  Cleary this was mama scorpion or a friend to the one that stung our friend.  Great.  Is there an entire family of scorpions in our house now?? Ick.

Harris took this beautiful picture if it under a martini glass.  And even though its a scorpion, I think this picture of it shows the beautiful side of them.  The lesson here is, pick up your shit!  You should not leave clothing and towels on the floor while staying in Costa Rica, always hand things up in a closet, on a bathroom hook or over a chair.

Last week we found one more scorpion.  My kids were cleaning out these organization bins/baskets in Hudson’s room and when they flipped the bins over and dumped the stuff onto the bed there was a scorpion slinging to the bottom.  Not another one!  You know how things usually happen in 3’s – well I hope this is the case with our scorpion friends.

Scorpion Sting Treatment:  Wash the area, apply ice pack and have two margaritas. (this worked for our friend Christine)

Have you ever been bit or stung by anything while traveling?


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