Costa Rica to Miami for RIO 2 Press Event

Two weeks ago I flew from Costa Rica to Miami for a weekend, all in the name of “work”. I attended the RIO 2 Press event along with other bloggers and traditional/main stream media. I was excited to get a weekend in the states, see some friends and stay at the uber posh Fountaine Bleau hotel in Miami beach.  I have had to pass on a lot of events like this since moving to Costa Rica, but Miami was close and the PR company for the film wanted me there and made it happpen!  I also love the RIO movies, so it was an event I actually wanted to take the time for.

Going back to the states when living in another country is exciting but also a little stressful, when it comes to what to wear?  I mean, my closet in Costa Rica does not have the options I had back in the states.  I spend most of my days in running shorts, tank tops or a swimsuit. I am usually barefoot or running around in my worn out flip flops.  As far as a beauty routine, well there really isn’t one, I go weeks without putting on make-up.  So going back to the states feels a bit like transforming into another person or putting on a “uniform”.  I mean, I’m still me but just a dressed up, version of me.


Even thought Miami weather is similar to Costa Rica and I could have easily worn a maxi dress hanging in my closet, I wanted a new dress for the event.  So I headed to one of my favorite shops in Tamarindo, Azul Profundo Boutique.  This trendy boutique is owned by a parent from Country Day School, one of my daughter’s classmates and one of her good friends.  I found this dress and instantly loved it and thought it would be perfect for RIO 2!  If you ever find yourself in COsta Rica shopping in Tamarindo, be sure to stop in Azul Profundo Boutique, she has one of the most stylish selections of swimsuits, dresses, sandals and accessories.

Where do I go for a pedicure & manicure in Costa Rica?  Coco Spa in Tamarindo It’s a small spa but very nice inside and the girls there are lovely. They have a variety of OPI colors and they use a honey and sugar scrub on my hands and feet that feels so good!  In the states I might have gone to get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, now I only go every other month, if that or if I am headed back to the states.

Living in Costa Rica is definitely way more low maintenance, but once in awhile it’s nice to actually get dressed up!
{just ignore my tan lines}






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