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I realize that I can go weeks without posting here on Wanderlust Living, but in order to live in Costa Rica and travel a lot I need to work and make money – this lifestyle and these trips don’t always pay for themselves!;)  I also have a few other reasons for not posting here…

I’ve recently been published over on Huffington Post Travel and Flights.com blog and have been populating the new travel app Findery and leaving notemaps all around the world! I am SO excited about these recent travel writing opportunities so I thought I would round them up and share them with you here.

Findery Travel App Wanderlust Living

Findery Travel App

The Findery app is a social network for travel content that let’s you create “notemaps” for places you have been all around the world, from your favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant to the beaches of Brazil. Under each main notemap you create — which are usually cities or countries — you can create individual notes about things to do, where to go and what to see in that area. You simply upload a photo, write a description, add tags and mark its location. It’s like posting a digital postcard and sharing it within the Findery travel community.

Documenting your travels with Findery

One of the best things I have realized about this app, as a travel writer, is that it can literally function as my own travel notebook when I’m on-the-go. Say you are visiting Chicago and eating at a very unique wine and tapas bar, you can literally snap a photo of the restaurant, upload it to the app and leave a note about your experience, your favorite tapas or the brand of wine from Spain you loved. This can help when you get home and start writing about your trip because you already have some of the main pieces of the story written down in your Findery notes.

My latest Notemaps:  Taking the Kids to Guatemala,  Living in Costa Rica, A weekend in Granada, Nicaragua, Southern Road Trip and I am currently working on Favorite Places in Orlando!

Findery Travel App

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Huffington Post Travel

Being an ambassador for the Findery app has also allowed me to create travel content for the Huffington Post Travel section. My travel articles are based on my notemaps that you will find within the Findery app, but gives more information and travel tips on these specific destinations.

Check out the four that have been feature so far!

Taking the Kids to Guatemala on Huffington Post Travel

The life of a Nomadic Family living in Costa Rica on Huffington Post Travel

Granada, Nicaragua: Two days, one lesser known town, countless marvels on Huffington Post Travel

Road Trip through the Sweet South on Huffington Post Travel

Flights.com Blog

I also just wrote about the 5 Best things to do in Costa Rica with Kids over on the new Flights.com Blog. I love the style of this blog because you can sort by which type of traveler you are with categories like Family, Bargain Hunter, Food Critic, Fashionista, or Adrenaline Junkie. The blog also keeps the content short and sweet, gets to the point and features a lot of 5 of the Best type posts. I like these because when I travel I am always looking for a few great recommendations that are easy to find and just pick out a few so it is not so overwhelming.  I also like the Flights.com Blog travel tips that they include throughout the blog posts.

With this partnership I also wrote a more in depth post, Tips for Traveling with Kids to Costa Rica over on Savvy Sassy Moms to compliment the piece of Flights. com Blog. This post gives you some insider tips, my personal recommendations and why Costa Rica is a great destination for family’s looking for a little adventure!  I realize  that some people are nervous about going international with their kids, but Costa Rica is the perfect place to start!

I love taking people with me along on our journeys and giving them a snapshot of our nomadic life as a family. I am grateful for these new partnerships that allow me to express my intense love of traveling and seeing the world. If you ever want to know where I am or what latest adventure our family is on – you can follow me over on Instagram! We just got back from Cuba and cannot wait to write about that experience!!

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